This Microphone Shock Mount was made at Techshop!

The purpose of a microphone shock mount is to mechanically insulate a microphone from picking unwanted mechanical noise through the microphone stand. This noise can be caused by nearby vibrations like kick drum, people movements etc.

A friend of mine, who works as a Sound Engineer at tango.me (FREE Mobile Calls) asked if I could come up with a better microphone shock mount.

Step 1: This Is the Final Product :-)

Here are the steps I followed:
<p>great instructable! But I have a design suggestion. why not just make one solid piece? it seems having it in pieces makes it flimsy.Like a piece of PVC tubing for example or acrylic tubing if you can find it. Notches on the top and bottom to hold rubber bands or hair bands (stronger).</p>
Good basic shockmount, but just a heads up, those rubberbands can easily slip which would create noise. Shockmounts are generally built specifically for the mic that will be used in them, with a bracket made for that mic. That way it doesn't slip. But like I said, good basic design. (And for a mic that doesn't have a shockmount designed for it, this would definitely be better than nothing. :)
hi bro <br>Great comments, seams to be a pro :) <br>thank you for the comments :)
No problem! :)

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