Step 3: microwave chemistry

Microwaves react with mobile polarized materials such as water, sugars, and fats. When microwaves pass through a material containing a polarized liquid such as water, the waves alter the polarity causing them to vibrate extremely fast causing friction which heats up the material, this is known as dielectric heating. Microwaves can also ionize certain gases or materials under certain conditions or in a concentrated state such as a light bulb or a grape cut in half, and turn them into plasma.

Hey! How the hell do i make/get a waveguide ????
<p>Hi, reading your article, I can only say you're wrong. First, excuse my bad English. I work with transmitters much smaller than a microwave power and suffer tinnitus. With the microwave time is not important, but the dose you receive is important. Think that nothing will happen if the molecules of your body change position 2,500,000,000 per second?. A watt and half non-ionizing radiation kills your sperm in 12hrs. Also liquefies your blood and causes damage to the DNA. Never expose yourself to a magnetron !!! Stay away from WIFI and Bluetooth. Use wired, not wireless phones. Use the cell phone for short periods of time, and stay away from the antenna masts. You must inform more, you can produce you one irrebersible damage in a very short time. Greetings. Visit http://www.bioinitiative.org/</p><p><iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="281" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/bXCCvoiWt0g " width="500"></iframe></p>
fascinating well done,.. informative... short and to the point. do i sound like your English teacher? you gave me enough knowledge to understand what we all now take for granted. I have some friends that wont enter a room witha microwave in it and others who use them for all the kitchen needs. I am still learning about them,..I thank you very much. The grape exp. played but the other utube didnt.
Are there any materials that do not reflect microwaves and are electrically conductive?
Cute Article,&nbsp; Not much instructions as much as education, but still a cute science report.<br> <br> You did miss one critical point:<br> <br> What EM radiation in the microwave region does to people.<br> <br> With that in mind, unless you want to risk <strong>STERILITY </strong>and <strong>BLINDNESS</strong>, best to give that last step a pass.