MINDSTORMS Robot Pumpkin





Introduction: MINDSTORMS Robot Pumpkin

Thanksgiving Sunday afternoon fun with my LEGO MINDSTORMS and a cute little pumpkin ;)

Watch a short video of it on my Instagram https://instagram.com/p/BLXAbq4BVue/

Step 1: Carve the Pumpkin

(I like to roast the seeds with olive oil, sea salt and pepper on a baking paper sheet in the oven at 350)...
So now that your Pumpkin is carved out and cleaned inside you are ready to put some MINDSTORMS in it and bring it to life.

I started with a rover base with 2 long beams going upwards that i passed through the pumpkin to hold it in place. Then from the inside I added the motor to make the arms move and an Ultrasonic sensor to detect objects [and look cool].

Step 2: Have Fun Decorating

Using whatever parts give personality to your pumpkin. I like how the red glow of the ultrasonic sensor turned out on this funny bot.

Step 3: Programming

I used the Bluetooth connected MINDSTORMS Programming App to program the pumpkin bot.



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    That looks wicked, so much fun and creativity going on there too, thanks for the Ible.

    thanks for your comment ;)

    Amazing, added to the list about to do for halloween

    Thanks, I can wait to see how you will EV3fy your Pumpkin :)