(MINECRAFT 1.9+)How to make a Snow Golem sentry gun

Picture of (MINECRAFT 1.9+)How to make a Snow Golem sentry gun
 In this tutorial  I will show you how to make a Snow golem in Minecraft 1.9

 2. Snow blocks( You just need 2 blocks)
 3. A pumpkin( It's easy to find one. Just explore the wilderness and try not to get lost)
 4. A Place to have your LIVE snow golem that MOVES

This golem protects you while you are in your House/Base of operations but does not hurt the enemy.
Remember that snowmen shoot snowballs and snowballs deal 0 damage

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Step 1: Find a area or base and clear it.

Picture of Find a area or base and clear it.
You need to find an area for your snowman to be spawned.
 I chose regular grass land and cleared it.

Step 2: Stack your snowblocks

Picture of Stack your snowblocks
Get some snowballs from the snow biome. To do that just get a shovel and dig up some snow.
Then go to your crafting table and make 2 snow blocks by making a 2X2 square of snowballs.

You then go back to your area and stack your two blocks going vertically.

Step 3: Add a pumkin head

Picture of Add a pumkin head

Step 4: Viola!

Picture of Viola!
You now have your snow golem sentry gun that deals 0 damage but make a great distraction when you are doing something

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial about Minecraft :)
And have a great day........ in minecraft.
kurtnotkirk3 years ago
In version 1.2 the snowmen seem to have a limited lifespan... I believe they will melt after a time if not in a snow biome. Now, the Iron Golems kick butt!
jbouffard3 years ago
pretty cool instructable. can the snowman ca be destroyed by mobs?
MI16007 (author)  jbouffard3 years ago
yes it can be destroyed
not very likely though, they throw snowballs.