Introduction: MINECRAFT PE: House

Step 1: Outline

Place oak wood logs every 3 blocks and you can make it in any shape you like. I just stuck with the simple, traditional, square :3

Step 2: Stone Brick

On each edge of the oak wood logs, place stone brick. I know that sounds confusing, so just look at the picture

Step 3: Door & Height

In one of the gaps between stone bricks, add a door. Also, make your wood logs 4 blocks heigh. Sooo ya!

Step 4: Design

Now in the gap between the oak wood, add a pattern of your choosing or copy the one shown. Then do the same pattern all the way around your build. If using your own pattern, use blocks like:
•stone brick
•stone brick stairs
•oak wood planks
•oak wood stairs
•chiseled stone brick
•white wool
Or stairs or slabs of that sort

Step 5: Idk What to Title This One

Add oak wood logs sticking out of the top block of the other wood pillars. Then add an upsidedown stone brick stair under it... Confusing right? Zoom in on the picture

Step 6: Hi :3

Tell me if you want me to do an interior tutorial

Hope you enjoyed first instructable! O gawd, i hope i spelled that right. Eeeeek

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7 Discussions

what did u use for the roof?

Boo AJ

1 year ago

I changed the floor, and its a jungle house. I LUV IT I made it but i cant make a picture of it


I found this to be really helpful. Nice and clear detailed and overall very good

can you do an interior tutorial?