Introduction: MINECRAFT: Sparkle Carpet

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Up your carpets a notch with added sparkles.

Step 1: Getting Inventory

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- Basic Building Block ( i used dirt )

- Ender Chest

- And Carpet

Step 2: All Seeing Eye

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Place the Ender chests wherever you want...

Step 3: Got Your Back

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place the Basic Building Block (BBB) behind the first row of Ender chests

Step 4: Cover Me

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place the Carpet on the (BBB) then place more Carpet on the first row of Carpet.

Step 5: Across the Border

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once you've placed all the carpet Hide the Ender chests (this can be done by digging a hole and putting the Ender chests inside) But since i'm so lazy i put a border around it.

Step 6: All Done!

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You're done!


butterpro (author)2014-11-01


Lord Of Flames (author)butterpro2014-11-04

Glad you liked it.

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