MINI KNEX GAME MACHINE (my first instructable ever)!

Picture of MINI KNEX GAME MACHINE (my first instructable ever)!

Red Rods: 8 
Blue Rods: 14
Yellow Connectors: 21
Green Connectors: 8
Little Green Rods: 26
Orange Connectors: 18
Gray 1 hole Connector: 18
Gray 2 hole connector: 2
Blue Connectors: 2
Purple Connectors: 2
Red Connectors: 7
White Connectors: 2
Yellow Rods: 6
White Rods: 2

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Step 1: Base

Picture of Base

This supports the decider. It also holds some track.

Step 2: Track Decider

Picture of Track Decider

Which ever way it tilts, thats the way it goes.

Step 3: Fun Speeder

Picture of Fun Speeder
This track is on here just because i had some left over pieces. This track just goes fast and rolls on the carpet or floor.

Step 4: Track 1 (Bridge Drop)

Picture of Track 1 (Bridge Drop)
Afrter the decider drops on this track, the ball drops on this bridge and rolls and falls off on a track at the bottom. It rolls here and that ends track 1.

Step 5: Track 2 (Knock down flags)

Picture of Track 2 (Knock down flags)
After the decider picks this track, the ball falls and the object is for it to knock down all the orange connectors. You can make this track longer if you want. I didn't have enough pieces to build it bigger.

Step 6: Connecting

Picture of Connecting
Put decider on top of base. Put Track 1 on the right side of the base with the red connector pointing that way. Put Track 2 on the bottom left. Put Fun Speeder on the right of Track 2. Congrats! You finished one of the easiest ball machines to make!
Lightning Thunder (author) 4 years ago

I replied...

the poodleo4 years ago
i dont get it. Whats the point of this whole" decider" thing? what does it do when it lans on the track?
Lightning Thunder (author)  the poodleo4 years ago
It falls onto the track and it rolls and tries to either, knock down the orange connecters OR roll down and just roll of.
DJ Radio4 years ago
Did you just sticky every single comment on here?
Yeah, i think he is new here, and he likes caps lock
To delete a stickied comment, press alt+f4.
Lightning Thunder (author)  DJ Radio4 years ago
how do you take comments off?
You hit the "delete" button.
~Aeronous~4 years ago
Dude explain how it works. Currently it looks like something my lil sis' would make.
Lightning Thunder (author)  ~Aeronous~4 years ago
you stink
Why? it looks simple and very easy to make, my sister could make it too
do take it in a bad way. He might not know that you're new to knex. It;s good for your amoubt of k'nex but you have to admit that other people can make more comprehensible machines.
Man seriously, explain please.
Lightning Thunder (author) 4 years ago
You just put the ball on the edge of the speed track OR on the tip of the decider.
Lightning Thunder (author) 4 years ago
Did anyone even build this?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I'm curious.
ill build it!!!
sick knex
Lightning Thunder (author) 4 years ago

My instructable rules!!!

Lightning Thunder (author) 4 years ago
You just put the ball on the tip of the decider and it falls on the track. It dosen't always work. What I do with the speed track is set up 10 KNEX like bowling pins and try to knock them all down. Please don't say "meh"!
~KGB~4 years ago
how do you use it???
Tornado964 years ago
It's godd for it's size but it need s a bit more explaining.Good luck on your next one.
knexman20014 years ago
THIS ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!
knexman20014 years ago
I love it... its awesome!!!!!
Tornado964 years ago
there are no pictures. Noone can see what you're doing. Post pictures and you'll get comments.
Lightning Thunder (author)  Tornado964 years ago
Do you like it tornado, i was still trying to figure out how to get the pictures uploaded!!!
Lightning Thunder (author) 4 years ago
This is my first one ever. I only have 400 KNEX. Please like it!!!!!
poncho5313 years ago
Lightning Thunder (author)  poncho5313 years ago
u suck id like to see u make a better first instructable when ur 8 i just put it on here
Looks cool.
I'm going to build it.
Lightning Thunder (author)  BleSam1122333 years ago
cool. thanks.
the poodleo4 years ago
oh. i think that there should be a bit more of a game to go with it, because just knocking down the orange connectors, or falling off of the side is just kind of boring.