MINI-MUFFIN CRAYONS... a New Life for Broken Crayons!





Introduction: MINI-MUFFIN CRAYONS... a New Life for Broken Crayons!

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''''Broken crayons?!? Don't throw them away...MAKE OLD CRAYONS-NEW AGAIN! Up-cycle your broken crayons into MINI-MUFFIN SIZED CRAYONS. You will love the tie-dyed look and your young artists will love the mini-disc size---just right for small hands!

'Package in clear plastic bags and tie with a ribbon for clever, inexpensive birthday party favors!

Start the search--collect all your broken crayons from the bottom of the art drawer and from leftover boxes brought home from school...Enjoy this quick and fun activity with your kids.


-Oven- Preheated to 275 degrees
-Mini-muffin pan
-As many broken/unwanted crayons as you can find!
-Oven mitt
-Refrigerator- To cool melted crayons after "baking"
-Dish towel

Step 2: Remove the Paper Crayon Labels

-It may take several minutes to peel all the paper labels off the crayons. Many kids enjoy this activity. You may want to sort crayons by color as you remove the labels.

-This is also a good time to break any whole crayons into smaller pieces.


-Fill the mini-muffin tin with the broken crayons. I suggest filling the cup up to the top since when the crayons melt, the volume will be less.

Try mixing colors for a swirled "tie-dye" look or make solid colors if you seem to have 100's of broken orange crayons!


-Put on an oven mitt and place the mini-muffin tin in your pre-heated 275 degree oven.
-The crayons should be melted in about 10-13 minutes.
-Only an adult should remove the melted crayons from the oven! Carefully place the hot muffin tin on a heat resistant surface and let cool for about 25 minutes. Then place tin in your refrigerator or freezer for about 5-10 minutes. If you place in the refrigerator/freezer before cooled- the muffins may crack from the extreme temp. change.
-Invert the muffin tin onto a dish towel covered surface and the chilled mini-muffin sized crayons should fall right out. The dish towel lessens the surface impact as the crayons fall from the tin.

*Great way to use dull and broken crayons brought home by students at the end of the school year!

*Wrap the mini-muffin crayons in clear plastic bags and tie with a ribbon and use as birthday favors!

*Any muffin tin shape or oven safe candy mold will work for this easy project...just remember to monitor while "baking" if your pan/tin is smaller.

*Since crayons are non-toxic you should not have to worry about baking real muffins in your favorite tin.

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i suggest using cake cases it still works and it looks cool

How is everyone going.

I am having a awesome day.

A fun way to spend an afternoon with my sick daughter :)

I'm not sure if someone already posted this hint, but if you soak your crayons in a bucket of water, the wrappers will slide right off... just allow them to dry before you melt them.

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I am having trouble getting them out of the mini muffin pans. Can anyone give me some ideas? Thanks!

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try using cake cases it still works and it looks cool!

We just tried making these and had the same problem. We couldn't get the crayons out of the ramekins. My husband suggested we stick them in the freezer for awhile. We left them in there until they were frozen solid, the wax pulled away from the sides and they popped right out!

i spilt the crayons , so it was a waist of crayons, did this happen to anyone else????

It was a great idea though!

To release the crayons from the muffin tins, I lined the tins with muffin liner,then peel the paper off or after they cooled place the pan in warm water to soften a bit then the crayons will come right out. Or freeze them they will come out that way too! this does work , just be creative!:)

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my 4 year old <3 to help mommy make these. simple to do to :)