-Put on an oven mitt and place the mini-muffin tin in your pre-heated 275 degree oven.
-The crayons should be melted in about 10-13 minutes.
-Only an adult should remove the melted crayons from the oven! Carefully place the hot muffin tin on a heat resistant surface and let cool for about 25 minutes. Then place tin in your refrigerator or freezer for about 5-10 minutes. If you place in the refrigerator/freezer before cooled- the muffins may crack from the extreme temp. change.
-Invert the muffin tin onto a dish towel covered surface and the chilled mini-muffin sized crayons should fall right out. The dish towel lessens the surface impact as the crayons fall from the tin.

*Great way to use dull and broken crayons brought home by students at the end of the school year!

*Wrap the mini-muffin crayons in clear plastic bags and tie with a ribbon and use as birthday favors!

*Any muffin tin shape or oven safe candy mold will work for this easy project...just remember to monitor while "baking" if your pan/tin is smaller.

*Since crayons are non-toxic you should not have to worry about baking real muffins in your favorite tin.
ChadA16 months ago

Will this project rurin my pan

leggs2002 made it!1 year ago

I use a silicone baking mold for mine, did mostly single colors, came out super cute, kids in my 3rd grader's class will be getting these for Valentine's. seriously though, keep an eye on your crayons, different colors melt at different rates, and if you use silicone, like me, make sure you put a cookie sheet under it or risk spilling hot wax everywhere.

Emma4565 years ago
Can you use cupcake liners?
Worth a try- I have not attempted that. So many cute liners are available- would be nice if that worked. Let me know if that works out!
Amazing! I've heard off this type of re-using before, but never tried it. In a couple hours, after i find some crayons, I will.
Could you do this with paper cupcake liners inside of the tin, or would it mess up the paper and/or permanently fuse it to the crayons? I want to do this for my daughter's birthday, and I have hundreds of those little liners I'd love to use up.
Hey, I made a batch of these using the liners and they ended up working out fine. The reason I used them is because I was hoping they would be a little bit less messy, but in the end they really didn't seem to end up helping.