It doesn't fire, but has a motorized barrel set as well as being just plain cool.
Not complex at all. look at my full size knex minigun.
 Don't you need to make your homework or go to work??
mettaurlover (author)  Merugop5 years ago
there are people in this world who have too much free time. he's one of them. i am too.
also, this comment would be more appropriate on HIS ible.

can you please make a building instructions to this? it looks awesome!


thanks... i think.

mettaurlover (author)  RMConstruction5 years ago
well... yeah. it took me half an hour to build. on the plus side, it only has one attachment point.
Cool but an explantion of how to build it would be great :) awesome job
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uhh... if you had ANY idea what this is based off, you'd know.
 gz chill out man
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the motor and batteries are hidden inside the block of a body. it's one of those single piece motor blocks in this case. i may post an ible if i can rebuild this thing.
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not really.
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MODEL. it does NOT shoot. you can make it if you want to, but i didn't. the fake ammo belt is just for show.