These are shoes with LED floor tiles attached to the bottom of them and a pressure switch so that they light up when you put your feet down, just like Michael Jackson's Billie Jean video. They are powered by a battery pack which you put in your pocket. This project was built in a bit of a rush for a party, and there are many things I would have liked to do better with it. They are still awesome though, and plenty bright enough for a club. They look surprisingly cool when not lit up too.

Step 1: You Will Need

** shoes with a hard sole, not rubber
** white spray paint for shoes
** wire
** 24 high brightness LEDs. I used 20000mcd 5mm diffused glow
** reasonably heavy duty microswitch
** polycarbonate sheet approx 30cm square (depends how big your feet are!)
** bits of wood to make the frame
** 3D cell battery holder
: ) priceless
Imma huge MJ fan and these are the sickest MJ shoes I've ever seen! P.S. : R.I.P. MJ. :(
&nbsp;I would love to turn my stairs into pressure activated MJ floor lights!<br /> <br /> AMAZING idea. I love how you turned a seemingly complicated idea into such a simple well explained instructable. Great writing skills.<br />
dude these shoes aref**king asome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but how big do they have to be for size 13 wide???
that such a cool idea im a big MJ fan i have to build this.<br />
Love these shoes!&nbsp; Crazy!
For your next and better version: a changing color disco version!<br />
Wow, impressive!<br /> Isn't it difficult to walk in these though?<br /> I imagine you have to adapt a pretty funny walking style =P<br />
Craziness. Try dancing in these.<br /> Must post Video!<br />
Cool!&nbsp; You could take a strip of that air-conditioner foam gasket filler to go around the edges inside to seal off the light that leaks at the bottom.<br />
Epic.These are awesome.<br />

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Bio: I am interested in the boundaries between engineering and art, with a slightly eco/nature vibe.
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