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Introduction: MK3000 Instructions

About: I'm your average Instructables Joe. When I build things in knex, I mod them to be as strong, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing as possible.

The instructions for my latest gun, the MK3000.

It is a magazine-fed, pin-pull assault rifle. 

Featuring a low-friction barrel, connector-ammo magazine, and the best handle around, it is a lethal beast. A textured and angled stock make for an accurate and powerful shot. Rails on top allow for add-ons such as scopes, sights, and more.

Enjoy, and good luck building.

12/24/10 - Added a magazine release and iron sights. 

Step 1: Main Body

Handle, trigger, and barrel. This is the longest step, so let's get it out the way.

Step 2: Stock

The stock. This should be really easy.

Step 3: Front

Step 4: Assembly

The fun part. 8D

Step 5: Magazine

You'll need some tape.

Step 6: Loading and Firing

Pretty simple to do. Use #64's for the pin.

Step 7: Changes

Any changes I make to the gun will appear here. Instructions for all parts are included.

12/24/10 - Mag Release.



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    My ram won't reach the bullet... (If you want, I can post pictures, but it'll probably have to wait until after exams)

    1 reply

    yeah mine either theres still like a half inch of space but if u push the bullet all the way back it fires but then u can only load one shot

    p.s great design i enjoy it alot BUILD IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Raikou, have any idea of how many Y-Connectors this uses ? I have about 30-40 :| so I might have to scrap some stuff up.

    A well-polished , decent powered K'NEX gun . I love it . And you are a great K'NEX'er :D

    Dedicate a few K'NEX parts to being broken , and reuse those :)

    Nice gun and nice grammar.

    nice gun but could you pls post a part list

    LOL. ofcourse not, I don't ee that point.

    I have a request. Could you possibly make several guns that combine into a bigger gun? That'd be AWESOME!

    1 reply

    That'd be pretty cool. I might think about it. :)

    I forgot to add in my previous comment: Please. no broken pieces.

    I realy want to mod this into a pp-200 (is that the right name? if not please correct me)

    1 reply

    great gun man, one problem though, the trigger keeps breaking, any way to prevent it?

    2 replies

    Did you rubberband it right?

    What magazine are you using? Blue rod or the regular one?

    had to be blue cuz this gun used all the green rods i had =/