Introduction: MM-PASS

Hello everyone,
Sorry for not posting anything lately, I have been building a long time on this gun.
This is what I like to call the MM-PASS which stands for:
Mr. Muggle's-Pump Action Single Shot.

I wanted to make a pump action single shot so that I could increase the amount of bands that I can pull back. I feel like the pump action feature also slightly increases the fire rate because you can keep your hand on the pump while you can't keep your hand on the firing pin of a regular gun. So that's why I made an ammo storage on the front, I focused on quick reload simple but sturdy design and power/range. This gun also has the chamber principle like the Untangle, which enables you to put more bands on the gun.
Credit to mepain for inspiration and a bit for the pump design, I didn't copy anything.

PS: If I'll ever post an instructable of this, I will improve the handle and the stock because as I said I wanted to keep the design simple and focus on the gun itself.

PPS: The gun looks a bit bend in the picture... I don't know why because it really isn't in real life....

Tell me what you think.



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I made a mag fed pump-action, which can pump like five 64 bands. Might post soon. Maybe you could try to integrate the mag into the barrel?

If I would build a mag function I'd built a turret, except I wanted a single shot not a mag fed

Why have a singleshot when you can have a mag?

more range, no need to change mag

So its basically a pump action sniper? Maybe try and incorporate the NAR mech into this.

where can I find the NAR?

You are joking right? The NAR is the most famous knex sniper. 450ft range, no exaggerating. Its on KI, its also known as the Untangle. NAR stands for Not A Rectangle.

The sr-v2 is the most famous sniper. The NAR is the best and most famous single shot.

I dislike the SR-V2. The NAR is way better, gets way better range. Its the preffered sniper by anyone, because it doesn't use that many pieces. I liked RC-120-SEV way better then you. You seem to be acting like a cocky knowitall. People change with their name.

You would know "Visper123"