My hubby is a BIG Harry Potter Fan.  Once, when we went to Colorado Springs, our son took us to a sandwich, soda place called “Squeak’s” and introduced us to their version of Butter Beer.  I have been trying to create our own version ever since.  If you goggle “Butter Beer” you will find that we are not alone in our quest.  My Hubby likes this version the best.  I originally found it here http://sevenbumkitchen.blogspot.com/, and they say they got it from Disneyland (must really be Universal Studios).  Here is my version of their version.

Step 1:

Cream Soda
Butterscotch ice cream topping
Whipped topping
looks so nice I must make it
it is so easy to make <br>
You are right! I am so confused!!!!! The instructable has been changed with the correct information. Thanks you for commenting.
Hey. Just a quick note... Universal Studios is the park with the Harry Potter stuff, not Disney. :)
*downs a cup in 5 seconds* *looks at nutrition facts of butterscotch* YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!
It looks great must try it. Thanx
I'm going to have to make this for my husband! Thanks for posting!
My husband liked it so much he too it to work. It was a great success. Thanks for looking.
cream soda and butterscotch topping ...YUM
You are right! Thank you for looking.
Thank you.<br>

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