Picture of M&M's trail mix
m&m's are a staple in trail mix everywhere. Often peanuts, pretzels, and coconut are included in various trail mixes. This instructable explores the deliciousness of a trail mix covered in chocolate and coated with a hard candy shell. I think you will find it cheap, easy, and ambrosial. 
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
As many different types of m&m's as you can find. I got my hands on plain, peanut, peanut butter, pretzel, and coconut. They were on sale for .50 cents a package. I also picked up some baggies to put my mixture. I got 20 bags for $2.50. 

Five packages of m&m's - $2.50
Baggie                                - $.12

Total cost                            - $2.62

Step 2: Open M&Ms

Picture of Open M&Ms
You will need to open the m&m's before you mix them. There are several methods you can use to open the m&m's...

1. You can tear the corner.
2. You can pinch both sides and pull it open.
3. You can cut it open with scissors.
4. You can tear it open with your teeth if you need one hand to fend of attackers.

Be sure when opening to check and see if you won anything. I would recommend method two if you want to check for a winning package.

After opening pour the m&m's into your container. 

Step 3: Mix M7&Ms

Picture of Mix M7&Ms
Close the bag that you placed the M&M's in and shake it like no one is watching to mix the M&M's. Shake by pinching the top corners of the bag between the thumb and forefinger of each hand. 
bajablue4 years ago
There's that duct-taped nose again... here's 5 stars again! ;-D
ehudwill (author)  bajablue4 years ago
Thanks, this was a fun project.
I've never seen/heard of coconut or pretzel m&m's before. Sounds yummy!!!!
ehudwill (author)  bajablue4 years ago
You missing out. The coconut are pretty good, but the pretzel have that salty sweet dynamic going on that is really awesome.