m&m's are a staple in trail mix everywhere. Often peanuts, pretzels, and coconut are included in various trail mixes. This instructable explores the deliciousness of a trail mix covered in chocolate and coated with a hard candy shell. I think you will find it cheap, easy, and ambrosial. 

Step 1: Materials

As many different types of m&m's as you can find. I got my hands on plain, peanut, peanut butter, pretzel, and coconut. They were on sale for .50 cents a package. I also picked up some baggies to put my mixture. I got 20 bags for $2.50. 

Five packages of m&m's - $2.50
Baggie                                - $.12

Total cost                            - $2.62
There's that duct-taped nose again... here's 5 stars again! ;-D
Thanks, this was a fun project.
I've never seen/heard of coconut or pretzel m&m's before. Sounds yummy!!!!
You missing out. The coconut are pretty good, but the pretzel have that salty sweet dynamic going on that is really awesome.

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