Introduction: MODDING Zune Pouch Into Change Purse

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With some shifty fingers, "outside the box" thinking, and some old-fashioned elbow grease, you can MOD a Microsoft Zune pouch into your own CHANGE PURSE!

Step 1: Zune Removal

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First up, grab your Zune and its pouch and remove the Zune. Be sure to do this slowly and carefully so you don't fudge anything up.

Step 2: Gathering Change

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Grab whatever spare change you can find and gather it in a nice pile. Make sure the amount of change is to your liking. This isn't just anyone's pile of spare change; this is YOUR pile of spare change!

Step 3: House That Change

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Now, take that pile of change and begin to place each coin into the pouch slowly one by one. This is the most important step. Be extra careful, take your time, and don't rush. You've come too far to mess everything up now...

Step 4: If You Mess Up...

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If you mess up and your change spills out, then that means you didn't follow my directions for the last step, you n00b.

Take out all the change and start step 3 all over again. This time, don't F up.

Step 5: Close It Up and You're Done!

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Finally, now that all your monies are lying snugly within the pouch, pull the tab and string at the top of the pouch and....VOILA! The transformation is complete - you have now just successfully modded a Microsoft Zune pouch into a "Zune"-labeled change purse!

Now, go out and spend that cheese, playa. You're quite the baller now...

Step 6: Stay Tuned...

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Watch out for my next instructable when I show you how to mod the same Microsoft Zune pouch into an HTC Touch Diamond carrying case!!!


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