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As you can see in the image above, the humanoid robot has different structure on it's right arm. The purpose of replacing the right arm is that, it can't grab/grip any object using it's one hand. It needs to use it's two arms just to pick an object. Now, in this instructable, I'll show you how I constructed the humanoid gripper, from layout to paper and cardboard simulation up to acrylic glass fabrication.

Step 1: Layout of the Gripper

Prepare a sketch/layout of the gripper. In here, I used SketchUp 2014 as a 3D software in constructing the layout. Finalize the humanoid gripper parts and position them as if it is to be fabricated.

Step 2: Printing the Layout (Cardboard and Paper Simulation)

In order to make sure that the layout will work before sending it to the acrylic glass fabricator, perform a simulation of the gripper. It it works and it suit to the humanoid, then proceed on step 3. If it failed, revise the sketch and perform another simulation.

Step 3: Proceed to Acrylic Glass Fabrication

I sent the layout to an acrylic glass fabricator to do the job. (Pictures about are the outputs of step 1 and step 2).

Step 4: Gripper Installation

Please watch the video on how to install the humanoid gripper. (I created the video and been uploaded to Pinoy Robot Games)

Step 5: Upload the Code (RoboBasic MF V. 2.80)

The code is just a revised part of the template program and been modified. RoboBasic MF v. 2.80 is the software being used in programming the humanoid robot. The file has .bas extension. Upload the program.By the way, the controller board being used is MR-C3024FX.

Step 6: Test the Gripper

URL is link to my Facebook page. I uploaded the video there.

Modified Robonova II Arm grabs 2 objects! :)

Posted by Ronilo Apin on Monday, December 12, 2016



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