MONKEY MASK! Gtav Style, Baby.


Introduction: MONKEY MASK! Gtav Style, Baby.

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Step 1: Base

Outline your idea with white.

Then use a light brown on the inside part of your face. (don't fill in eye area)

Then fill in the rest of your face with dark brown.

Step 2: Eyes

outline the 'hole' of the mask for the eyes. Use liquid eyeliner then pull the color in lightly to give a shadow.

Step 3: Detail

Add detail like your mouth, by pulling some eyeliner from the bottom of your nose to your lip. Your eyebrows, make them slightly angry looking and 'big'... then also add fake looking fur in the dark brown, the fur kinda looks like feathers.

Step 4: Nose

make a big monkey like nose. Pretty simple.

Step 5: And More Detail

Add some highlights and then add the cigar by using black, brown, and gray.. then using eyeliner you can add detail to the cigar.

Step 6: Shirt!

Using red and white you make your shirt! Not sure how to explain it. YAY!



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    Thats super cool :) and what system you play on?

    1 reply

    xbox one. I also have it on PlayStation 3. Lol

    Wow, what a great effect! Especially around the eyes. I had to look at it a couple of times to realize it was all paint and no prosthetics. It really looks like there are multiple layers there. Nice work.

    1 reply

    thank you so much! =)