Controlled by a smartphone through a Bluetooth module and an Arduino board CART
• Arduino uno
• Bluetooth Module HC -05
• Smartphone
• Bridge h ( L293B )
• Auto Chassis with motors
He began performing a circuit which is controlled by the Arduino one card, this should perform the functions that make the car can move in directions forward, backward, left, right.
To begin the project will use a breadboard on which we mount our circuit . Images will be added in this connection will be explained as well as each .


In image 1 the connection made to the operation of the h bridge to control engines , which helps bridge h is achieved in changing the rotation of the motor is displayed , the configuration of connections h bridge L293B according to the data sheet is the picture 2 .
To understand what is meant by the picture 2 describe each of the pins :
• Pin 1 and pin 9 in these current works with the bridge which connects h , this can be extracted from the 5v working with Arduino .
• Pin2 , pin7 , pin 10 and pin 15 are these pins that control the motor speed, which are connected to a PWM signal from the Arduino board . Pins 2 and 7 are used to control the same motor and the pins 10 and 15 are for controlling the other motor.
• Pin 3 , pin6 , pin 11 and pin 14 are the pins that are used for the operation of these engines give the power to the motor spinning pins 3 and 6 are for the power and ground of an engine ; pins 11 and 14 are used for power and ground on the other engine , no matter how this is connected and changing polarities to rotate to one side or the other engine.
• Pin 4 , pin 5 , pin 12 and pin 13 are connected directly to the ground , which can be used in the Arduino board .
The Arduino board is shown in picture 3 .
Which contains the following connections :
To feed the power circuit is connected directly to GND Cable for land and other Arduino 5v to offer.
4-pin PWM is used to control the motors, which correspond to PWM digital pins 5, 6 , 10 and 11.
And the engines are connected directly to the bridge h accordingly.
<p>Can you post your code in some txt files or anything else that is easy to read? thanks!</p>

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