Did you know that Monsters hate sugar and lemons?  They do.  This Instructable contains all the ingredients you will need to rid any home of pesty, stinky monsters.

Around the time my first child was born, my husband and I purchased a fixer-upper on the northwest side of Chicago.  A red brick Georgian in need of a tremendous amount of work, but lots of potential.  I can honestly say I loved that house and its creaky floors, squeaky doors, bumps in the attic and bangs in the basement.  My daughter found its charms frightening.

We went through the MONSTER IN THE CLOSET stage.  At first we tried the realistic approach:  There's no such thing as monsters.  This didn't work for us at all.  We tried showing her the inside of the closet and the underside of the bed.  Didn't work.  We tried to convince her that Daddy was a world class champion monster fighter.  No luck.

At dinner one night, she says to us, in her little voice:  Why don't you believe me?  Wow!

I believed that her fear was very real and changed my approach.   I decided to give her the power she needed to vanquish monsters from her life for good.  We mixed up a concoction of Monster Repellent that is guaranteed to keep even the scariest, most stubborn monsters at bay.


  Used spray bottle - recycling
  8.5 x 11 paper
  cardstock or light cardboard
  google eyes
  Anything you have to decorate the bottle - felt, pipecleaners, puff balls


Aww now why would you want us to go??? =( <br>great ible amazingly adorable
This is ENTIRELY adorable!!
I am really in awe of your beautiful fun creation. She will always remember this! Loving and creative!
Downright ADORABLE! Anything silly and hoogedy-boogedy enough to make a child laugh is sure to scare ANY monster away. <br><br>5 Stars!
Thanks. We still keep this bottle around, eventhough my baby is now six =)
I imagine one way to limit the stuff being sprayed all over the place, but still allow the kid to pull the trigger as needed would be to just pull the little straw inside the bottle, out of the spray nozzle. This way when the trigger is pulled only air from the top of the bottle is sprayed not liquid from the bottom.<br><br>PS. Great idea and amazing creative parenting.
This is a clunk on the head moment. I seriously never thought to take that tube out =) BTW, thanks for the kind words.
I love this idea! what a great solution for scaring away monsters. I could use one to scare away the blues... and the doubts from time to time!
Thanks. And I like to use chocolate for the blues. Works wonders =)

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