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1. Take a dark colored old tin

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2. A black colored polythene bag

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Insert the bag in the tin. Make sure that the bag goes inside completely. Now keep the tin open in a dark place where mosquitoes are likely to be found. Leave it undisturbed overnight.

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In the morning slowly close the lid of the tin trying not to disturb the tin. Now keep the tin in the sunlight for a full day.

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In the evening open the tin and take out the polythene bag.

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Shake the polythene bag over a sheet of white paper.

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rimar2000 (author)2009-04-18

How do you know the mosquitos enter into the dark bag? Here in Argentina we are suffering an epidemic of dengue, with thousands of infected and some killed. If this is true, it could be useful to combat Aedes aegypti.

nyony (author)rimar20002009-04-18

Thank you for your response. I would like to inform as follows : - Mosquitoes favourite colours are dark colours. - By end of night and during day time mosquitoes camp in corners, cupboards, shelf etc. - Keep the other potential places closed and place the trap in the corner. - Mosquitoes shall definitely get attracted to camp in the trap. - I have implemented this since last two years and more. - Though this may give results in small proportion but if implemented on a wider scale by masses then the effect can be multiplied.

ScrappyC (author)nyony2015-03-27

Mosquitos like the dark?? -- RACIST

rimar2000 (author)nyony2009-04-19

Thanks very much. I will try to broadcast this among my friends.

nyony (author)rimar20002009-04-19

-Apart from this mosquito trap , if mosquitoes are not allowed to take birth more so better. -For that keep stored water in any old buckets or tubs in galleries or backyard. -Mosquitoes shall lay eggs in this water. -Throw the on hot concrete surface in mid-afternoon. The eggs shall be destroyed thus preventing new generation of mosquitoes coming into this world.

rimar2000 (author)nyony2009-04-22

Look at this. You can translate it with Google or other.

The principle is the same.

moodyday4uni (author)rimar20002010-03-06

i have traslated as you said and read the details of how mosquitos coming into bottle of chemicals.

Is this will be useful for household purpose.

Pls explain in deep about the process & what is mean by yeast & brown sugar where to get that????

pls mail me details to my id

or call me my no:+919976824933 or give me ur contact number

rimar2000 (author)moodyday4uni2010-03-07

I don't know where in your country  you can buy brown sugar and yeast. Ask your mother or your aunts.
The process is very simple (I did not put into practice) as you can read at

My personal email is

UbiS (author)2014-10-07

If you put in the box a used clothing such as socks, underwear, shirts and also you can put slippers. This recently used to have a body odor, will attract more mosquitoes.

DIYWEAPONS (author)2014-07-03

No problem mate

DIYWEAPONS (author)2014-06-30


nyony (author)DIYWEAPONS2014-07-01

thanks for appreciating my work .

diannagail (author)2010-08-08

The mosquitoes here in the Pacific Northwest have been getting worse and more aggressive over the last couple of years. They used to only be a problem at dawn and dusk (the darker hours) and in dark forested areas. Now they attack in the broad open daylight areas all times of the day. As a gardener I am constantly fighting them. I hate to use an insect repellent but sometimes I do rather than continually swatting them away. I try to keep all standing water sources dumped at my and my customer's places to prevent them laying eggs. Yes as someone said this is a big part of limiting them. I have one small wading pool on my patio that I keep a small amount of water in all the time for the dog and cat to drink out of. I don't have to, but it's an indulgence for them.... I'm a pampering mommy. When I see little wigglies (hatchlings) in there I dumped the water and put some fresh in. I check it every day since it is convenient and close to the patio door. We still have mosquitoes but I hope I'm helping limit the population.

smooney2 (author)diannagail2014-05-23

If your getting bitten in the middle of the day even in the bright sun it is more than likely from container breeders . Make sure you dump all containers holding even a little water . I get calls everyday and 90% of the time people are breeding there own army.. Tires , bird baths , the bottom ring on some planters and bromeliads . I've even seen them in empty beer cans left on ground that have collected water.

AluminumFoilMaster (author)2012-04-01

Cool! FYI, Mosquitos from Asia have been brought to north America. They are called tiger Mosquitos and bite all day and night. That is why the mosquito problems have gotten worse.

Aluminum foil master..They are Aedes Albopictus(Asian Tiger). They are container breeders and have a short flight range , less than 500 yards. Albopictus along with Aedes Aegypti are the primary vectors for Degue and Chikungunya . The latter is running rampant thru the Carribean as of 4/23/14 over 1500 confirmed cases in Haiti and 4 confirmed cases in Florida .

nyony (author)AluminumFoilMaster2012-04-02


smooney2 (author)2014-05-23

Your making a resting box. Each species of mosquito have there own feeding times, some are strictly day biters others night only or certain times of the night others are any time they are disturbed . This is a good idea I'm not knocking it. I do want to add that a lot of the products no used to kill Mosquitos are made from bacteria such as Vecto bac which is a BTI and Natular which is from Spinosad and are pretty user friendly

claudg1950 (author)2012-04-06

I've translated the information leaf suggested by Rimar2000.
A PDF version is attached.
Hope it helps

nyony (author)claudg19502012-04-06

Thanks. That really helps.

amcayanan (author)2010-09-20

WOW! simple yet looks effective. I'll definitely shoulda try this. THANKS

nav_lexy (author)2010-09-01

Any time in the morning will work?

popscott3 (author)2010-07-26

very cool!

nyony (author)popscott32010-08-06


bhaskar.tilak (author)2010-08-06


nyony (author)bhaskar.tilak2010-08-06

thank you

x_xPacox_x (author)2010-03-30

will this work with large mosquito?? its almost summer and mosquito are commin in large numbers now here in san bernardino california... like close to the moutains so thats a really big problem XD

nyony (author)x_xPacox_x2010-03-31

 -  size  doesn't  matter  as  all  mosquitoes  big  or  small  think  the  same   
     way( do  they  think ?!!).  
 -   this trap  is suitable  for  any  number  of  mosquitoes . 
 -   selection  of  place  is important .

varadmehendale (author)2010-03-08

good and an eco-friendly idea

Shagglepuff (author)2009-10-03

It's SUPER effective!

nyony (author)Shagglepuff2009-10-08

thanks a lot  for your  presious comment

Pizzapie500 (author)2009-09-07

I spray painted a coffee can, Is that ok?

extrordinary1 (author)2009-05-13

As mentioned above, they do like dark colors, and they also are attracted to infrared heat sources, body temp, charcoal burning in a tower surounded with an electrified killer. This way the UV light is not being used, and the infrared the mosquito's see and are attracted too, along with CO2 emission we exhale. The charcoal will also release CO 2 and attract them. They typically don't venture more than 100 ft from the nest area. You may have to move it around different nights to find the larger infestation.

A website called Information Unlimited used to sell kits for this project or assembled units. They killed thousands of mosquito's in one night alone testing it.
What you have posted is a greener alternative to the use of charcoal to attract the mosquito's and zap them when the attempt to get to the infrared source they see.

Will it help if you put an Infrared LED inside the bin?

It might, I can't say for sure. I know they are attracted to infra red heat sources, CO 2 emmissions. They see us like an infra red thermal imaging camera does. You can try it and see what happens. Let me know what results you get, who knows, it might work, if so, let me know please.

Lol... I don't think i will be able to test it!
You see, i don't have a mosquito infestation in my area! =)
By the way, are you Indian?

Lucky you! We have plenty I'll share with ya here, lol. My great great grandmother was Indian. I'm mostly English, Irish, and German. I'm a mut from the USA. I do speak a little Russian too.

I'll watch our IR led's on the night vision system for our security to see if I see mosquito's swarming around it, and let you know. We are unseasonably cool this week, not many skeeter's out right now.

Ian1104 (author)extrordinary12009-06-16

lol aren't we americans so ignorant?

extrordinary1 (author)Ian11042009-06-16

IR lights or LED's do not attract the mosquito's unfortunately. Just infra red heat sources.

Yes, we American's can be pretty ignorant sometimes, just like any other culture. LOL

Lol, smokedasphalt is just a random nickname! Meaningless!

Whoa, you r English, Irish and German! What a combo! :0
I'm just plain Indian. And yeah, I do speak 5 languages! =)

btw, did you shoot these pictures of the Mosquito Trap??
because i doubt that women wear Bangles in the USA!

I didn't post any pics on here except my eagle I use. I have very little Indian in me from my mom's side. She came from Irish and Indian combo, and on dad's side, British and German. My great great grandfather was british that immigrated here and fought in the civil war. My dad's mom is German, her parents also German was my father and grandfather's school teacher in one of those one room classrooms no matter what grade you was in.

They lived in the Fulton, MO area out in the country on a 180 acre place. That is where my dad's side grew up. South of the place was some burial mounds. I didn't know what they were, I was just out exploring and came upon it. I found this cool arrowhead and stuck in my pocket and eventually went back home. My brother and cousin was with me too.

Next mornin, we got woke up to a wierd and spooky ordeal. Grandpa's hounds were goin nuts and woke us up about sunrise. I woke first, then woke my cousin and brother nudging them to look outside, three wolves were looking in at us. My brother was closest to the door, so he rolls out of bed and goes wake up grandpa. As he was getting grandpa, the wolves leave heading west. My cousin and I scramble to the window and raise the screen to get a look at where they are headed. Grandpa comes in just as we are scared crapless by something we see. The wolves went over and sat next to what appeared to be an indian warrior, white as a ghost, lookin at us, and fog in behind him. Grandpa see's it, and asks us if we had been over to the burial mounds? I said, yeah we saw some mounds and I found an arrowhead at the base of one of them and showed it to him. He said, take it back, you have violated sacred ground, that is why he is here. After breakfast, I didn't let any grass grow under my feet taking that arrowhead back. Age 21 I am married and my wife and I are going to my grandfathers place. It is her first time going there. As we start up the steep gravel hill, my camaro is not keeping good traction, so I get a good run on that one lane hill. 3/4 of the way up, my wife screams stop! Covered her face. I slide to a stop and ask what's wrong? She said you didn't see that little girl right in front of us? I said what girl? Now I've got to back all the way down this hill to get another run. As we sat there, she said she saw a little indian girl run out in front of us and I was about to hit her. I didn't see squat! I point up to the top of the ridge on the east side of the road and tell her, those are indian burial mounds. I didn't see anyone in front of us, you saw a ghost. I told her about what happened when I was younger as stated above. I learned from our Native American history wolves are considered teachers. I had a half wolf, half Canadian Eskimo dog. I had a huge collection of native american stuff, found another arrowhead in a creek bed near where I grew up. The rock it was made from was not native to our area. Have no clue where the pink stone came from that was used to make it. As a scout, I used it to keep my scarf together. I learned a lot about our native american culture growing up, as my father taught me a lot about it too. Survival skills. Age 14, I spent the entire summer vacation surviving off the land, and catching fish with an improvised spear with a bone for my barb I shaped with sandstone. Catch the fish swimming up stream in shallow water, and I had plenty to eat. Once in a great while, I would see my dad checking on me after a storm came through to see if I made it through the hail I guess. I built an improvised shelter I slept in. Hunted that ground a lot growing up too. One day my younger brother, I am oldest of 4, we were deer hunting with bows. I found a log laying down with a lot of oak leaves up against the south side of it. Deer had been jumping over that log so much it looked like a pig pen with where they came down on the south side headed south into the woods. I layed down, covered myself with leaves and wait. The area was known for rattle snakes and copperheads. Lots of copperheads. I'm layin there, and soon my brother walked up about an hour later, dropped his pants and squatted over the log to do his thing. I say, " I wish you wouldn't do that here." He looks around trying to find me, but can't see me. He says, "where are you?" I move the leaves below his rump a little and he jumped out of his skin in disbelief I was camoflaged so well he couldn't see me. Then he comments, what if a snake crawls up on you laying there? I said, I'll just have to let it enjoy my body heat until it leaves I guess. I got a deer, he didn't. No snakes bothered me either. He sat nearby next to a tree waitin for the deer to come through, but he missed his deer he shot at. I got a good gut shot on mine in mid air.

I realize we have gotten way off topic here, we should probably continue our chats privately.
I have used mosquito nests so thick you had to cover your mouth with your T shirt on the river so you didn't inhale them. We backed the boat out, and the guy drivin said my back was pitch black covered with those skeeters! I said, take us back to the truck, I've got a nasty surprise waitin there for them. We go back and I grab a can of hornet spray with a 20 ft. stream. We hear those skeeters as we approached again, and I lit up that hornet killer like a flame thrower swingin back and forth burnin the wings off cuttin a hole through the swarm. The light attracted fish, and the skeeters in a frenzy that fell onto the water surface still alive without wings, created a fish frenzy. We saw all kinds of fish in that frenzy. I used that entire can of hornet killer and still didn't kill all those skeeters! The swarm was that big.

d2j5 (author)extrordinary12009-05-27

wow big comment O_o

extrordinary1 (author)d2j52009-05-27

sorry, that's why I suggested he and I take it privately out of the forum. I'm disabled, homebound, had a stroke last weekend, and this is my connection with the outside world.

d2j5 (author)extrordinary12009-05-29

wow....that really sucks. well better this than other places i guess

Thats one hell of a story! I love going camping, but you seem to be a pro and on the extreme! :D
Even i think we should take this out of the forum.
wait, i'll pm you...

BTW, what's Smokedasphalt taste like? = ) Never tried it. If it is worse than a cigar, I'll pass.

nyony (author)extrordinary12009-05-13

Thank You.

extrordinary1 (author)nyony2009-05-14

Hope it helps out, good luck, and you're welcome.

verdastel (author)2009-05-23

Simple and effective!

Phil B (author)2009-04-18

Very neat. We have mosquitos that carry West Nile Virus and this could be useful. The electronic bug zappers are reputed to attract even more mosquitos, which I doubt this trap does.

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