seriously... its awesome... i know ... cause my wife made it... shes cooler than you... so cool in fact she made a whole kitchen into her costume.

she has this gift called... not sucking at life like you... so its what she does... 

anyways the cake is amazing...

see look at it... BAM!!!

did you just pee a little... i did... ill be back in 5 minutes after cleaning up. then we can start on how awesome this cake is

so first things first. SAFETY!!!!!

always stay safe when working with knifes or mixers or anything necessary to make this MOST AWESOME HALLOWEEN CAKE EVER!!!!

Step 1: Body Parts

first thing you are going to need to do here is simple... buy a bunch of ingredients...

there are many ways to do this... but lets start off simple... instead of me telling you how to make cake from scratch and fondant from scratch and food coloring from the souls of dead baby angle puppies... lets just assume you bought a box cake plus icing and fondant plus food coloring and all that crap from the store...

If anyone really wants to know how to make cake from scratch post a comment and i can post a couple of recipes the wife has... 

so... first thing you need to do is get out your fondant... and kneed in the food coloring... as you can see from these pictures... fondant starts off white... you can buy already color fondant... IF YOUR NOT AWESOME LIKE MY WIFE BOOYAA!!!! 

to make the ear basically you just need to be real creative...
1. start off with a quarter inch thick kidney bean shaped piece of fondant the size of an ear
2. then slowly press in where you want the shaped to be lowered as if its a real ear.
3. you can use wood carving techniques and scrape some of the fondant out with your finger if neccesary.

the hand is much easier to make and explain

make 5 hot dogs 1 hamburger patty and press them together... 


add water with a paint brush were you want fondant to attach to other fondant.  it creates a bond like glue... but it needs to sit over night with pressure on it... hence the food coloring containers siting next to it.
That is one awesome cake, good luck in the contest.
Thank you very much!!! We are extremely nervous and excited about this contest... Have you see all of the other contestants? They are awesome!!!
Congratulations on being a finalist in the Halloween contest!!! Can’t wait to see if you win! Good luck!
Thank you so much for the support. We are just happy people like what we created.<br><br>Thank you!
Nice! Hope you win!
Thank you man. I hope so too... we spent a lot of time on this... and hope that it helps other people make something similar for there halloween parties too.
Wow! Thats almost exactly what my fore arm looked like when I came out of surgery to have my radius repaired! Good job!
I'm glad to know we are making things as accurate as possible... I just wish you didn't have to know personal how accurate it is. Hope your all healed up by now... And thank you for the comments
Wow! This is such an amazing cake! Did you enter it in the Halloween contest?
Yes. Thank you very much for the comment

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