Step 10: The big test!

Picture of The big test!
- make sure the output wires are NOT touching eachother
- grab your multimeter, and make sure it's in the VOLT position! else you'll destroy the multimeter
- plug in the spot welder
- do not touch any wires, also not your multimeter's wires
- measure the output voltage (AC) (it should be 1 to 3V)
- if the output voltage differs, please leave a comment

In theory, touching a 2V connection (the output from our transformer) would do no harm. You wouldn't even notice. But just for safety, don't touch it. There might always go something wrong. (example: a wire from the primary windings accidentally connects to the secondary windings)
codongolev3 years ago
also, if you left a wire poking out from either end and it pierced your skin, that high of amperage would kill you if it hit blood.