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If these type of motion sensors ever cross your path, this is a great project to keep in mind and a great way to conserve energy.
Quick and easy to assemble and install. 
Excellent way to quickly light up dark rooms or hallways.
Never worry about leaving lights on inside closets or storage areas.

(1) 2 Gang Electrical Box  
(1) 1-Pole /3 way Motion Sensor
(1) Receptacle
(1) Cover Plate to fit receptacle and Sensor
(1) Industrial grade power cord / pig tail,  cord connector / grommet.
(4) Wire Nuts

As we all know electricity is very dangerous, so if wiring isn't something you are comfortable doing.  It is very important to have it inspected prior to any testing. 

It is very important to strip all wires cleanly without scoring the copper wire, stranned wire should be tightly twisted prior to connecting to other wires with wire nut.
A 6" length of wire is a fair amount for a service loop inside the box. Electricity flows like water through a hose any loose connections, tight bends  or kinks in the wire can create hot spots, over time can become a problem.    

Some receptacles are marked
"Hot" / Black Wire 
"Common"  / White Wire 
"Ground Screw" /Green Wire.     


pbates123 (author)2013-01-23

Hey neat project and very usefull! I just thought a great addition would be to substitute a GFCI (ground fault circuit interupter) for the receptical. Costs a little but adds a lot of safety...

Great ible!!

- Phil

NorCalDom (author)pbates1232013-01-24

Phil ,
Great point, Safety First! I totally agree, the GFCI is the only way to go and is well worth every penny when you consider the added safety benefits.



PatM144 (author)2017-04-21

It doesn't look to bad BUT you should have used either a Decora receptacle or a gfci receptacle or the correct raised cover.

gluvit (author)2014-05-12

This is very helpful

agguilar (author)2013-01-28

Good idea!!!

fceniceros (author)2013-01-22

Thanks! I'm going to use this for my portable shop lights!

onrust (author)2013-01-22

Good idea and it is portable.

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