This instructable will give you a medium understanding on how to make a motorised crystal light show. It is quite a beautiful machine and please vote for it in the GET THE LED OUT COMP. I am also not good at drawing schematics :). Also sorry for not going into too much detail and the C+ photos. Anyway here it is:



>>>1 reduction gearbox-
(make sure to put all gears in when building it to get slowest speed possible)
>>>meter long piece of wooden dowel that it about half an inch thick
>>>3 40mm crystal (glass) sun catchers
>>>black paint
>>>LEDS, i got very bright blue, red, green, ultra violet, yellow, white from dealextreme.com and eBay
>>>hobby box from jaycar (big enough to fit gearbox)
>>>screws & nails
>>>strong string
>>>1cm black PVC piping or 1cm thick wooden dowel (1 and half to 2 meters be sufficent)
>>>sheet of 1cm thick wood
>>>thing from computer (in 2nd picture)
>>>metal can


>>>drill heads
>>>Drill attachment that makes holes (3 inches wide at least)

OPTIONAL (i won't be explaining how to use these sorry)

>>>heat shrink tubing
>>>switches (one for motor, one for lights)
>>>revolving led star
>>>different coloured leds
>>>power jack (to plug it in to from above the machine)
so cool
<p>Next step: have the LEDs spin in the opposite direction and see how that looks XD. Nice instructable though!</p>
<p>put some fome inside the plastic case to reduce the nois (btw isent the cat afraid of it ? thac loud)</p>
ditto: kitties have the most refined sensibilities.<br><br>Your audience is acting as a representative of an advanced aesthetic &amp; species.
Cute cat
thank you she is a really awesome cat!
This is my fav step cuz of da cat
if u really want to slow down the speed of your motor so put resistor on it buddy no eed to put all 6 gears to slow down the speed... <br><br>Low voltages never hurt your Motor instead of High Voltages...
Neat idea.&nbsp; I wonder how it would look if you put the crystals much closer to the LEDs and had each crystal rotating on its axis rather than the LEDs moving past the crystals.&nbsp; You could then point the LEDs right at the crystals and have them stay there, always pointing directly at a crystal, and have the rotating crystals move their rays all over the walls, disco-ball style...?<br />
where did you get the gears, ive been looking online for days and i can't find any like them.
oh they came with six in the kit. i wouldnt know where to buy them online sorry<br />
hello its nice but i wont vote for it because i i trying to make something myself...

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