Pros: Nice feel , true trigger , not many peices , realistic , good range.

Cons: Single shot , no folding stock.

Step 1: The Stock

very easy

Step 2: The Handle and Front Grip

Kinda hard to catch onto

Step 3: First Quarter of Barrel

Keep up almost there , easy part

Step 4: Second Quarter of Barrel

Very complicated part

Step 5: Trigger

Kinda tricky try to keep up!!!!!!

Step 6: Last Part of Barrel

Very tricky keep up!!!!!!!!!

Step 7: Assembly

Pretty easy just keep up and you'll be fine!

Step 8: The End

I hope you like my instructable and have fun using it and I don't care if you if you comment harshly becuase if you go and critisize everything you're a Jack@#$

And help the bunny take over the world!!!!!

(> <)
this looks a lot better than your first version
i think that u still sue a lot of pieces. I need a gun that uses like miniumum pieces and no tech pieces.
Please, please! learn to spell! for god's sake we need people to learn to spell.
I think Trauts MP40 is better. No offense.
yeah I think it's a billion times betto
which is better, mine or trauts. V5
I dunno I think they are both cool. But traut's is more solid, but this is good!
wat ev
It's actually...Pretty good!
I didn't say it in like, a bad way but it is a little better.
it is
ok cool..... lol
Thanks. Hey, I just posted my G36C, check it out!
nice g3c6
yeh sure looks really sweet
none taken
I agree. 1,000,000% :D
none taken
Its average to me.
you should really change the title to k'nex mp 40,
ok whatev happy now???
i dont remember posting that comment
If you don't like him he must be good people.
why? he is a great guy actually
no this is a different cody im in canada
no i was talking about you
You've got some issues man. Too much pent up aggression.
says the person who insulted him in the first place, dude, you've got to stop insulting k'nex
He wasn't insulting k'nex, he was insulting this gun....
he said <em><strong>a</strong></em> knex gun, not this k'nex gun<br/>
Maybe he can't spell.
he said Ooooh, hostile. I hope you dont shoot me with a k'nex gun!
should add a hopper at lest but i understand if u cant, might mess up the sights stock needs some work but nice first gun though 2.5 stars
You need to work on your 'people skills'.
He needs to acquire them first. XD
beat you? seriously?
I would just be ignored for a looooong time lol....
(\/) (0_0) ~~~~~ (> <) FATALITY!
you killed my bunneh :(
HES MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's OK, trauts is better.
I'm working on an Ak47 right now.
Oh, now you're just spammin :P
Lol, maybe a little.

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