Pros: Nice feel , true trigger , not many peices , realistic , good range.

Cons: Single shot , no folding stock.

Step 1: The Stock

very easy

Step 2: The Handle and Front Grip

Kinda hard to catch onto

Step 3: First Quarter of Barrel

Keep up almost there , easy part

Step 4: Second Quarter of Barrel

Very complicated part

Step 5: Trigger

Kinda tricky try to keep up!!!!!!

Step 6: Last Part of Barrel

Very tricky keep up!!!!!!!!!

Step 7: Assembly

Pretty easy just keep up and you'll be fine!

Step 8: The End

I hope you like my instructable and have fun using it and I don't care if you if you comment harshly becuase if you go and critisize everything you're a Jack@#$

And help the bunny take over the world!!!!!

(> <)
this looks a lot better than your first version
i think that u still sue a lot of pieces. I need a gun that uses like miniumum pieces and no tech pieces.
Please, please! learn to spell! for god's sake we need people to learn to spell.
I think Trauts MP40 is better. No offense.
yeah I think it's a billion times betto
which is better, mine or trauts. V5
I dunno I think they are both cool. But traut's is more solid, but this is good!
wat ev
It's actually...Pretty good!
I didn't say it in like, a bad way but it is a little better.
it is
ok cool..... lol
Thanks. Hey, I just posted my G36C, check it out!
nice g3c6
yeh sure looks really sweet
none taken
I agree. 1,000,000% :D
none taken
Its average to me.
you should really change the title to k'nex mp 40,
ok whatev happy now???
should add a hopper at lest but i understand if u cant, might mess up the sights stock needs some work but nice first gun though 2.5 stars
(\/) (0_0) ~~~~~ (> <) FATALITY!
you killed my bunneh :(
HES MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's OK, trauts is better.
I'm working on an Ak47 right now.
Oh, now you're just spammin :P
Lol, maybe a little.
that is a nice ak 47 i think i'll check it uot after my latest instructable is done
yeah i know but does his gun now shoot forty feet?
Wow, this gun is doing horrible. i mean, its rated 1.83..... tough luck kid
what ev at least i can get it working good now i can get it to go forty feet so not so much tough luck for me bud no offense
lol, i just meant that the ratings suck, ive noticed theyve been droppin alot... In the title, try to write Knex MP40, it'll keep people from getting there hopes up and it will make everyone happy :)
uhhhhhhhhh kay not sure it's gonna help though becuase the knex gun is my main image
well, at least you changed the main image
To be honest I don't like it. The stock looks flimsy and the handle does too. If you make those things better I will take back this comment. Also add a real magazine. (They're not thet hard to do.) :D
i didn't feel like taking it apart and i figured out that adding the magazine would have took ten feet of range out
yeah but i wasn't able to so you can't make me no offense and no the sock is pretty sturdy and the handle is really sturdy
The handle I belive is sturdy, but in my opinion the stock doesn't look that great.
no it isn't that great but atleast it will actually do
True. :D
sall right
Please post a picture of your finished project as the main image.
I hate you. You got my hopes up.

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