Knex MP 40





Introduction: Knex MP 40

About: I am blonde, 5"3" , I have glasses , I am 12, I like K'nex Guy girl high gangster (\_/) (\_/) (\_/) (o_o) (*_*) (@ @) (> <) (> <) (>$<)

Pros: Nice feel , true trigger , not many peices , realistic , good range.

Cons: Single shot , no folding stock.

Step 1: The Stock

very easy

Step 2: The Handle and Front Grip

Kinda hard to catch onto

Step 3: First Quarter of Barrel

Keep up almost there , easy part

Step 4: Second Quarter of Barrel

Very complicated part

Step 5: Trigger

Kinda tricky try to keep up!!!!!!

Step 6: Last Part of Barrel

Very tricky keep up!!!!!!!!!

Step 7: Assembly

Pretty easy just keep up and you'll be fine!

Step 8: The End

I hope you like my instructable and have fun using it and I don't care if you if you comment harshly becuase if you go and critisize everything you're a Jack@#$

And help the bunny take over the world!!!!!

(> <)



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    this looks a lot better than your first version

    i think that u still sue a lot of pieces. I need a gun that uses like miniumum pieces and no tech pieces.

    1 reply

    Please, please! learn to spell! for god's sake we need people to learn to spell.

    yeah I think it's a billion times betto

    which is better, mine or trauts. V5

    I dunno I think they are both cool. But traut's is more solid, but this is good!

    It's actually...Pretty good!

    I didn't say it in like, a bad way but it is a little better.

    ok cool..... lol

    Thanks. Hey, I just posted my G36C, check it out!

    yeh sure looks really sweet