Picture of MP3/ Cellphone carrier for workouts
I got a brand new Android touch screen phone the other day. Three days ago I started a walking routine. Two days ago I dropped my new phone and broke the screen. Today I made a carrier for my phone. This is my two days too late instructable. 

Materials needed:
Material for sewing. I used denim.
Old pair of skivvies. (elastic only)
Sewing machine.
Velcro strips. (Male and Female)

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Step 1: Cutting and sewing the pouch

Picture of Cutting and sewing the pouch
I measured my phone at 3X5. I used a pouch of 4X6. I wanted the extra room so I could get some extra items in it if I wanted. ID, money, insurance card, and list of emergency contacts. 
I cut a strip of denim 8 inches tall and about a foot wide. From that I cut the parts for the pouch. Two 4X6 pieces and the strip at the bottom for the button flap.
Single stitch the bottom pieces together and go over that with a narrow zig-zag stitch.
Cut off the extra flap from the main piece of fabric and fold it in half. Sew it along all 4 edges with a straight stitch.

Step 2: Button hole

Picture of Button hole
I am fortunate in the fact that my sewing machine has a button hole feature. I used this feature to create my button hole. 
To be safe, I went over this process twice. 
At this point I also sewed the flap to the backside of the pouch.
My button hole having been stitched up, it was time to cut it open. I ended up grabbing my straight razor for this because scissors scared me in this process.

Step 3: Adding the straps

Picture of Adding the straps
The straps were cut from another piece of denim. I added a zig-zag stitch to all 4 edges to prevent fraying. 
Next step was to marry them to the pouch which I have still not sewn together yet. Now is the time. Place a strap on one side of the pouch in between the two halves. Sew it in while sealing the entire side of the pouch.
Repeat this process on the other side.
BAMotumbo3 years ago
This is simply the best cell phone carrier I have ever used during a work out.