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Introduction: MP3 Player Sleeve

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Last week I got myself a brand spanking new Samsung P2 its a touch screen MP3 player and was a better alternative to the Ipod Touch because it has Bluetooth and a FM tuner. I wanted to protect it with a nice case but was sad to not be able to find at any local stores and the only I could find online was this over-priced $32 case by DLO. All I wanted was a little sleeve to keep it from getting banged up in my pocket.

I looked around at other sleeves and they seemed to be mostly made out of Neoprene and looked simple to make. I decided to make one myself.

Step 1: Items Needed

I went to my local fabric store and they didn't carry Neoprene, I'm sure you could fine some but I found this foamy type stuff with a soft outer fabric called Headliner Black. It came in several other colors and looked durable. I purchased and 1/8 of a yard and it came out to be a $1.68, this should be more then enough to create 8 sleeves so if you have any other electronics you want protected you can use this instructable and modify it so that it fits your other devices.

Items Needed
A piece of Headliner or similar fabric large enough to cover device
A piece of Elastic roughly half the height of the device
A needle
Electronic Device to protect

Step 2: Measuring

Measure your device

My MP3 player was exactly 10cmx5cmx1cm so I decided just to do everything in Centimeters and have nice even numbers.

The fabric I needed to cut needs to be 23cmx7cm to allow space for the foam fabric and the stitches.

Using a state of the art marking implement called a ultra fine point sharpie I marked it out and cut it out very nicely.

I decided to make mine a little longer in the next step you'll see why.

Step 3: First Stitches

Now the first thing we'll do it fold over a tiny bit of the ends and sew it to itself to make a tiny seam. I do it just so it looks nicer.

Pin it together first so its easier to sew and I doubled up my tread so its stronger.

Do this to both ends.

I have no idea what this type of stitch is called I'm sure one of you guys will know and tell me and I'll change this but its sort of a knot after each stitch I just figured it out myself; look at the picture to see if it help.

Step 4: Adding Headphone Holder

Next we are going add a piece of elastic to hold the headphones on when you roll them up.

Sew the ends of the elastic together like the other piece of Fabric.

I messed up the first time and the elastic was too long so I had to cut an end off and redo it.

Now sew each ends of the headphone jig to outside of the devices sleeve like in the picture, you may not want to do this until you make your first sleeve, this way if you don't like how it looks you can make a new improved sleeve without having to get more elastic. I did this myself while making this instructable because I could already see somethings needed changing.

Step 5: Final Stitches

Flip the sleeve inside out and sew the ends together as tight as possible.

Now turn it right side out so the nice black is showing and give it a test ride.

The last thing to do is look at all its flaws. Mine is too short and tight making it difficult to insert the P2 and it sticks out a little too much. Now since I didn't sew my elastic on the first time I am able to save it for a new better case which I'll build in a few minuets and you'll see it on the next step.

I'd like to say that this surely was much cheaper then buying a case from the store it may not look as nice but its definitely protective. In total I spent $1.75 on the fabric with tax and $.05 on the elastic, I already had the other item so I spent a total of a $1.80. That means I saved over $30 dollars not buying a case form the store.

Step 6: The Better Sleeve

I only incresed the measurements of the fabric to 24cmx8cm and redid the whole thing but this time I added the Elastic.



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    Made one for my Sandisk, and thinking about making one for my Ipod touch.

    Very nice - digging the headphone strap also.

    Nice case. I lost my iPod a few months back and I had a super nice case on it. I just recently got a new iPod but I don't feel like spending the money on a new case for this one. I think I am going to look into doing this.

    Im sorry but i just dont understand the scale of your measures ;10cmx5cmx1cm><23cmx7 can someone explain?

    1 reply

    The fabric needed to be cut 23 cm wide and 7cm high to allow it to be wrapped around the player like a burrito.

    my MP3 is very cheap it is from Tiger electronics! UGH!

    My iPod Touch has a mickey mouse sock bought from disneyland :D:D:D

    FINALLY ANOTHER P2 USER **sighs i've been looking for a another p2 on intructables for about 2 month now :D now with that out of the way nice instructable i really liked it i might try to make somthing like the brass case on youtube p.s i have a white 4 gb 5.05 bluewave firmware

    I wish I could do this with my MP3 player. I have a Samsung YPK5 which can slide out to play music with built in speakers... and it's the sliding feature that prevents me from making a case... Oh a bit of advice, you might want to put a bit of tape (I used Duct Tape) on the part of your headphones where the connector turns into the cord. I've lost so many headphones to this part breaking, and so far, this method has not failed me.

    1 reply

    you should buy the headphones that have the bend right where the cord meets the connector, if you know what i mean. they usually dont break as easily.

    very nice. i think ill make one for my ipod.

    hey nice instructable but you could have just gone on ebay and bought some ipodsocks they are like 0.99 check out my instructable ipod hoodies im sure you could make one to fit your mp3.

    3 replies

    Regardless of the quality of this instructable, I think it is rather hypocritical to say that you could substitue an instructable for ebay, and then advertising your own instructable, Mr dark clerick. A Fine job, keep up the good work, Mr. Acer73.

    im not trying to insult the guys Instructable! im just suggesting to him more cases

    I though about that too but then I'd still need to pay for shipping and then alter it.

    Its still $30 plus shipping, I was feeling cheap remember.

    Sweeeeeet. I might make this for my kind of messed up iPod Video. :P Hopefully I'll get something new soon! +5/5 stars.

    I got a Zune for Christmas, and bought a generic mp3 player case, but I don't really like it. I should've made one instead =P