Introduction: MP3 Speaker in 10 Minutes

In this instructable, I 'll show you how I converted my ordinary speakers into an MP3 speaker.

The MP3 player gets its power from the speaker power source.

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Step 1: Stuff You Need

You 'll need :

7805 --- 5 V Voltage Regulator from Amazon or eBay Here


USB Female Connector - - I used an old USB Male/Female Cable and cut it from the Female side . get it from Amazon or eBay Here

MP3 Player

Soldering iron get it from Amazon or eBay Here



Step 2: Start Working

Open the Speaker from the power supply side.

Connect wires to the voltage regulator.

Insulate the regulator and wires with tape.

Find the 9 Volts DC coming from the rectifier circuit after the transformer , diodes and capacitors. This should be the input of the regulator.

Find the ground of the circuit. This will be connected to the ground terminal of the regulator and the negative terminal of the USB connector.

Weld the wire connected to the input terminal of the regulator with the 9 Volts point you found earlier.

Weld the wire connected to the regulator Ground to the Ground point you found earlier.

Step 3: Mount the USB Connector

Now , drill a hole in the speaker plastic wall and let the USB connector wire pass though it.

Make a knot in the USB wire so it cannot get out of the speaker.

Weld the USB wire to the points :

+ve of the USB to the output of the regulator.

-ve of the USB to the Ground of the regulator.

Step 4: Close the Speaker and Use the MP3

Now , close the speaker , put some MP3 files on the MP3 player and start using your new device.


Thank you for reading my instructable.

Wish you the best. And have fun ,Live free And Read Books on Amazon

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