MP3 Player "input" for Car Stereo.





Introduction: MP3 Player "input" for Car Stereo.

This instructable was inspired by so thank you "aka_bigred" who was the original author. This mod will allow you to add an MP3 player input jack to your car stereo.

This is made for a Stereo with a CD player WITHOUT an AUX option.

Caution. I take no responsibility if this messes up your Cd player, your MP3 player or worse. This mod is not perfect but it works for my purposes. To you nay sayers keep it to yourself.

This mod requires you to take apart and reassemble your cars cd player if you don't feel comfortable doing it then don't

The items I used in the mod are:
Pioneer DEH-3400 (Make Year 2002)
30 Gig IPOD video
Old pair of headphones

Step 1: Stereo Removal

Remove the car stereo. I did not take pictures because everyone has a different stereo.

Step 2: Disassemble

Now that you have your stereo apart it might look something like this. On the left side is the main unit. The right side is the cd player itself and this is what we will focus on from now on.

Step 3: Find the "input"

Depending on the model of Stereo that you have you should have a "ribbon wire" that connects cd player to the main unit. Where the Ribbon connected to the cd player is where you want to look. The image attached is up close.

If you look closely you can see to the right of where the ribbon is attached it says on the board "ROUT" , "LOUT" and "AGND" These are the three connections that we need to make.

I can't say if it is like this for every cd player but it works for mine. This idea here is we are tricking the CD player into thinking that is it playing a CD.

Step 4: Solder Time

Now it is time to take that old pair of headphones and cut the speakers off. The headphones that I had was as described.

Left - Green wire and bare copper wire. Green is Pos.
Right- Red wire and bare copper wire. Red is Pos.

Solder both copper wires to AGND
Solder the Red to the ROUT and the Green to the LOUT

Step 5: TEST!

Before you go any further make sure it works!

Step 6: Seal It!

We don't need to start any fires or short out something so get some liquid electrical tape and put it on the soldered points.

Step 7: Reassemble

Reassemble the stereo. You might want to tie the wire into a know somewhere on the unit. That way when someone decides to pull on your nice new "Aux" cable it doesn't get ripped out!

Step 8: Silent CD

Now this is definitely NOT my idea or my file. Like I said before this was "inspired by" with out this idea it wouldn't work so thank you.

Burn a CD with the silent track and just fill the cd with the track. This way the Cd player "plays" a silent cd and we HEAR the mp3 player bi-passing the CD unit.

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Tried this a couple weeks ago on my '02 Focus and its standard issue p/n 1S4F-18C838-BA   AM-FM-CD (sgl disc) ........and IT WORKED GREAT.  Thanks for a complete, very well written guide.  Added a couple pix to show location of R and L Out and Grd terminals on this board. 

2010 01 20th 035a.jpg2010 01 20th 035b.jpg

Awesome, I am glad that it worked out for you. I am thinking of doing in it a Honda CRV next.

hi can you help me please I have an kenwood with minidisc I dont now what to do

Hi can you plz help me to find LOut and ROut plz ?. I'm posting some pics thanks.

so i took my stereo out yesterday and did this but instead of connecting the cable to the cd player and using a silent cd i just hooked it to my radio tuner. it was just on the bottom of the main board. there were right and left outs and two grounds. it works really well. when an ipod or my laptop is plugged in it just takes over the radio. then if you want to listen to the radio unplug the ipod or laptop or whatever you have. i had a problem with a high pitched electric whine but only sometimes so i fixed this by messing with the audio settings bringing the high down to 0.

Hi can someone help me to find LOut and ROut plz ?. I'm posting some pics thanks.


Any solution found?

Pioneer EEQ MOSFET 50wx4 deh-1850.

I'm lost. Does anyone know where the R/L outs are? They aren't labeled on the board. Thank you


Same problem here....Did you found any solution?

Hi. Can you help me which are my Lch Rch and ground I have a DEH-2100 pioneer car stereo