Well, I took pictures for an 'ible, so expect that next weekend, but they were taking forever to upload so I posted this instead.  Collapsible rear sight, pin guide, new trigger, removable 10 round mags (credit to TD for most of the mag and the locking system), solid design, very ergonomic, and a sturdy removable stock.  I prefer it with the stock, but it is much lighter and works just as well without.  Oh, and credit to Mepain for the handle.  Range of about 40 feet with 3#64s, firing grey connectors.  If people want me to, I'll work on a mech to make the stock fold into the side, like a G36.  Weighs about 400g without stock, 500 with.  Enjoy.
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I really want to make this better at a later date, as I destroyed it a while ago. Keep an eye on my page (or subscribe and save yourself the effort) and if I get round to improving it, I'll post it.
cool when do u rekon it will be untill u do??
I don't even know if I will yet.
cool. how long do u rekon u will be???
Stock is WAY too big.
Actually, the stock is about the right size, the actual body is too small. However, if I posted a realistically sized MP5K, I'd get comments from people who play too much CoD complaining that it is 'unrealistic' and too big.
LOL so true.
By big I mean disproportionate, and I know about the CoD N00bs, they will all say that it is &quot;wrong&quot; but let them say that, build it the way you, and many others know it should be.
POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think it's awesome!!
I destroyed it around 6 months ago, but I loved it and if I ever rebuild it, I will post.
Well that gives hope!=D I hope you're going to rebuild it cuz me wantz to make it! XD
Looks nice
&nbsp;THIS ROCKS!!!!! DAM!!!!! 5* and a fave!!!!!
<p>No offence but this is an ugly gun.</p>
Go and blame H&amp;K.&nbsp; This is quite true to form.
&nbsp;I made a V2 of my MP5K... Canz u check itz out to see if itz gewd?
post and ill build and sub<br /> <br />
Posting tomorrow.
Still not up....
Well I've posted it... it may take a while to get through the filters.
How many days does it take an ible to go through the filters?<br />
I don't know, but I thought it would have been up by now...
Sorry, I said all this in PMs to Bigdylan:&nbsp; I'm reposting tomorrow.
It's not posted =(<br />
I've given up.&nbsp;
That still didn't work?
Why isn't it up?
lol<br />
And its still not up.<br />
<p>can you tell me whats the trigger</p>
looks really nice, if you post it i'll most likely build. 5*<br />
Thanks, it will be posted by next weekend.
So looks like im taking my sipriani apart for this to make it in metallics, cant wait for it to be posted.<br />
It does look a lot better in metallics, yeah.&nbsp; I also did some more testing and discovered that the gun can happily take 7 #64s without breaking, but the trigger was flexing a fair bit with that.&nbsp; With that the gun shot&nbsp;55 feet, but with considerably more jams, and it was much harder to cock for an extra 15 feet.<br /> <br /> I made a dart that can be breech-loaded even with the mag in, red rod with a grey connector on the end.&nbsp; Pierces 5mm corrugated cardboard at 10 feet.
cool , do you have an exact day on when you are going to post it?<br />
I'll post saturday night, but it takes a while to show up.&nbsp; Keep looking at my persona and it should appear there before it shows up on the recents page.
Saturday Night, mmmhhmmm
<p>Ill yesterday and paintballing today.&nbsp; Tomorrow if revision allows.&nbsp; In fact, I'll upload while I revise.</p>
Looks pretty good. Hurray my ideas in use again! Oh and I&nbsp;think range is a bit overrated. In fact I think I'll make a thread explaining why. Anyways yeah keep it up.
It's a great locking system, and the mag never jams.&nbsp; I agree that people overrate range, especially in a fungun like this.&nbsp; It was designed for shooting at friends in a house, not at enemies in an Ohio park ;)
Thanks.<br /> And exactly! Seriously though, people think that they can snipe people just because they say they can. K'nex aren't accurate nor are they capable of flying that fast. I'm pretty certain that you would have a hard time hitting people at range even if the conditions are &quot;perfect&quot; to do so.<br />
Please do.<br />
Looks good. Mag credit should go to dunkis.
I quote:<br /> <br /> 'removable 10 round mags (credit to TD for most of the mag and the locking system)'

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