MP5K V2 (Selective Firing Rubber Band Gun) + Attachments




Introduction: MP5K V2 (Selective Firing Rubber Band Gun) + Attachments

 My little bro wanted me to fix that first MP5K that I made because he apparently dropped it off the roof. Anyways, I decided to make it better and its got some VERY GOOD Upgrades! Here are the Specs:

Selective Firing (Yes I mean it goes Semi AND Full Auto and also 1 shot, pull back, repeat)
Capacity: 8 Rubber Bands (Thin ones)
Reliability: 83% (83 Succesful Shots out of 100)
Knob for un-jamming (HECK YEAH!)
Removable Magazine (Not Shown in Slideshow)
Brand New Semi Auto/Full Auto System (My own design if not, a design on which I have yet to see)
Easily Removable Attachments
Its a RBG (If only it shot rods :[ )
Part Count: Alot
Distance: 20-30 Feet On Average

If enough people want me to post, I'll post... till then, SLIDESHOW!1!



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    great gun 5 stars

    Hmm... looks like an interesting mech, if nothing else :P also no offence, but why have a removable mag if it's just cosmetic?
    The biggest problem I can see is limiting the full auto fire rate so that it doesn't just fire all the bands at once... If you get this past the prototype stage, I'll probably give it a go :D     4*

     Dun worry, my mech creates friction, its slow enough to shoot like the real thing :P

    I'm not sure if you can make it shoot rods but by combining it with some parts of my guns (MAR, MAR-2, MBAR) you might get a gun which might fire K'nex ammo.

    nice! 5*

     As of now its just a concept gun, so... Further testing and rebuilding is needed because  on Semi auto it works fine, but on full auto, it jams almost every time I shoot. It shoots like 3 rubber bands, then it stops, and then it rest of them.