Picture of MP5K
Here is my knex MP5K . It's my entry for the MW2 contest. AND IT WON!
Its a good replica with these features:

*Shoots Dark Gray Connectors
*Angled Removable mags (normal or high cap)
*Good sights
*Optional upper receiver with rails (Not Posted - Just replace 3rd and 5th layers with whites and yellows)
*Good for a replica or side arm

Review: http://www.instructables.com/community/Knex-MP5K-review/

Step 1: Build a whole lot of stuff

Build a whole lot of stuff
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Here is a photo of my modifications.
shadowninja31 (author)  Dr MonkeyMan2 years ago
Sorry it took a while, but it's up there now!
Ok thx!XD
Hey shadowninja im new and i made some mods for your gun and i was wondering if i could post them
shadowninja31 (author)  Dr MonkeyMan2 years ago
I'll need you to send some pictures and info or something but sure!
(this comment is only for people who want to accept this challenge) If you can, I want to see if anyone can make a knex version of the Nerf Vortex Nitron. I will leave some pictures of it in my profile. If you want to try this, comment below this comment. If you think you have succeeded after making it, comment below the acception of the challenge.
Hey, I modded both mags a little bit, because for some reason, the ram would knock the mag out of the gun. So I added some parts and cut some parts to fix the problem. I will try to upload some pics that show what I did. :)
shadowninja31 (author)  2000smartkid2 years ago
Interesting. Yeah that would be helpful I'd like to see what went wrong.
Actually, I just made it again (because I had taken it apart) and I found out why the ram would knock the mag out of the gun. It was because the mag wasn't in the gun right. So I put it in the right way, and the ram doesn't knock it out.
james44 years ago
5 female ball joint connecters.............. THIS IS MADNESS
not for me, I have 9 female ball joints
shadowninja31 (author)  james44 years ago
eLeMeNtLtd.3 years ago
Shadowninja31, may i use the mag removal system for my gun? plz reply as fast as possible.
shadowninja31 (author)  eLeMeNtLtd.3 years ago
Sure, but credit would be nice.
thebomb7453 years ago
how many pieces of each does this take?
shadowninja31 (author)  thebomb7453 years ago
I don't know off the top of my head sorry.
mr.knexer3 years ago
is the mag removeable?
shadowninja31 (author)  mr.knexer3 years ago
rlaxrlax3 years ago
just some advice on the rubber band try using small ones for the trigger and size 64s for the firing pin
rmeyssen4 years ago
nice gun realy like the mag
shadowninja31 (author)  rmeyssen4 years ago
didexo4 years ago

I like the design but the mag is hard to put in and messes up the firing
robbinrook4 years ago
What are femail joint connector or whatevah...
shadowninja31 (author)  robbinrook4 years ago
They kinda look like dark gray connectors with the ends cut off and they are black.
what kind of 'things do u shoot with? which partz?
shadowninja31 (author)  robbinrook4 years ago
Dark gray connectors
Hi (again) uuhm. If i load the mag with the dark grey connectors an i let it go then everything springs out. And u cant just insert the mag full loaded, is this normal? And if its not, how can u solve the problem?
shadowninja31 (author)  robbinrook4 years ago
I had to hold back the mag pusher, but you could insert a green rod in the white connectors hole to block the pusher....
shieldsam4 years ago
shadowninja31 (author)  shieldsam4 years ago
CODKING4 years ago
ok i fixed the shooting prob all i had to do i make the high cap mag and replace the parts where it bent w/ orange ladder conectors so it actually looks like the extended mag on black ops now
reg mag.jpgmodded mag.jpg
shadowninja31 (author)  CODKING4 years ago
i dont know i just found it to work better
CODKING4 years ago
wait are the wheel things on pic 16 needed or r they just for looks
shadowninja31 (author)  CODKING4 years ago
Optional. For comfort.
k thnx
gassybeans4 years ago
in this step u pretty much build the whole gun
shadowninja31 (author)  gassybeans4 years ago
Well that's how things go.....
yep. i couldnt build the mag cause iran out of Y connectors
nevermind i bought some on knex.com
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