knex maddo's pistol (very basic name)
This is a cool accurate powerful gun.
This gun can be a:
a shotgun
a rifle
a sniper rifle

here is a awesome video of it: https://www.instructables.com/id/Video/

It's can shoot all rods
Ill try and upload a video
please post looks pretty kool<br /> ill definately make it<br />
<strong>someone build an m9 pistol with a mag and make it fire bbs</strong>
it was nice of you to copy my name just to use it for a small hangun
im sorry i didn't know i shall think of another name thanks for saying.
ta for changing it i just felt like i was getting ripped off a bit.
speaking of ripping off, check <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/knex-scope/?comments=all#C0RKHAGFJ6IVUR4">this</a> out<br/>
I agree=(
dont get me wrong, i dont think you were ripping him off, i just wanted to show him
My gun is so powerful now with blunt non sharpened ammo it went through a thick coragated cardboard box!!!
:O you should see my storm 223 rip through a can and come out the other side!
cool is it with blunt ammo? im gonna try a can when i get some coke next.
yup blunt!
cool in shooting random things round my room at mo I'm shooting a bubble gun machine.
we are online all the time, because we both respond to each others comments within a few minutes. are you british?
yes you?
r u ?
i amde my gun more powerful now!!!YaY!!!
did you like the destoyed bubble gun machine?
I lold at it a lot
yh LoL
where did you get the idea of your name from?
Hey, which gone you talking about? the one that pwned the bubblegum machine? link plz.
one* lol<br/>
Me too! Go Brits! Oh Brittania, Brittania rules the waves!!!
we rule oh yeah! we rule oh yeah! LoL chocolate carrots!
i shot a few food cans it made deep dents in them
Thats really random dude... i like random people... CHEESECAKE!!!
i perfure apple pie
Crank up the randomness dude!
Check out what I did to that page, lol. He deserves it.
yer i know
lol tyvm! :D
Laugh my face off!
Oes noes! Laugh my face back on!!!
Block trigger :(&nbsp;
That thing is sick
didn't aall50 have a gun with nearly the same system?looks pretty nice though! 4 stars and
thanks bout 4 star im gonna change the name now
's kk, ty
have a look at the vid
I LIKE PIE PASS IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i did,quite cool

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