Introduction: MPL

This is the MPL submachine gun continuing my black ops gun making. Pretty easy to build but doesn't fire very strong from the mag. This gun was built primarily for looks as my last gun (the olympia) looked nothing like it.

Features removable mags, Awesome looks, and good sights.

ps: im working on a better handle and trigger guard now.

pps: I got a new camera (itouch)!



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    Does any1 know a good, strong knex crossbow (not piece consuming)

    Nope, sorry man, I was looking for one too.


    do you mind if i copy what i can from the picture, and do an instructable, i will give you full credit and subscribe if i can make it!!!

    Go ahead. I am too busy to post anything now but i'll be back summertime-ish. Some tips:
    . layer 1 and 2 (the shells) are not too different except in the mag and trigger area. Dont over-think it.
    . The trigger blocks very close to the end (to give a perspective on what kind of trigger it is.)
    . ignore the handle. you can build a better one. i did later
    . the trigger is a "tooth in tooth" mech if you can get what that is.

    thanks for the tips, ill post as soon as i can....if i can build it. and ive subscribed 2 u

    done with no probs at all, thanks for letting me do it

    theres a lot of u!!!!!!!!!!

    view when you can