This is the assault rifle that i made.it looks a bit like an AK47 but its my own. It was originally based on killer~safe crackers monster pistol but i changed it over the coarse of a week and it became this beautiful weapon. It also uses a slightly modded version of his curved mag
Here are the Pros and Cons of the gun

Pros: good range for a mag fed gun (25-50ft depending on rubber bands)
very powerful
10 or 12 round magazine

Cons: the bullet spins a bit decreasing its range and accuracy slightly
a little big and heavy (not good for maneuverability in battle)
too sexy to stare at for long periods of time

here is an awesome video made by matsermetsuiker www.instructables.com/id/knex-rifle-6/

Step 1: Body

this might get a bit tricky if you don't look closely.

Step 2: Handle

very easy and if you want you can use medical or duct tape for more comfort.

Step 3: Stock

make. self explanitory

Step 4: Magazine

both the curved and the strait ones are good but you should use the strait one in close combat because it holds 4 more bullets and it is much more reliable and the curved one in multi floored combat situations just in case you need to use the bipod since it doesn't have the rod sticking out. just build it from what you can see, its not really in order but the curved mag is first.

Step 5: Barrel

it doesn't stop the bullet on accident but it uses a lot of orange connectors so you might need to make it shorter.

Step 6: Extras

band placement, scope, and bipod. (i don't like the scope so i prefer to leave it off)

Step 7: Pictures

um i dont own a rare 1500 dollar carpet... is there another thing i could use in its place?
a potato chip will actually take its place quite nicely, so you can always try that.
okay ill go buy one then thanks :P
i made it, modded the crap out of it, and its super awesome
sweet :D can you send a picture?
Here you go, sorry about the wait =)
I like everything about that, except the trigger.
me too
Yes. (1600th comment FTW.)
All i did was reinforce the crap out of it
love the extended barrel on this... i never have enough pieces left over for that
I have lots :3
Soon, im kinda busy, i do have the pics though, i just need a micro sd card >.< mine got scratched D:
how many green rods does it use??
it uses around 250
uhh.... alot? im guessing at least a hundred or more
piece count anybody please before i take apart my awesome Tr18?
I made a super sick sniper scope, wanna see?
yeh plz<br>
did you make it or is it just damn sexy?
nice, i built it, modded the mag and stock and pullback. great gun! your best!
thanks, i do think this gun did turn out really well
would it be possible to make the striker mag for this?
yep... same size... do it... its better for pieces since you dont have to cut any
Should I build this or the Striker?
i would say build this.... its more reliable......
How many green rods does it use? estimate?
alot.... 200... more or less.........
Thanks, I have about 350, I can build!!!!!!
Why is this in page 1 of the recents?<br />
Maybe he updated it?
hay i had a late night knex battle i thrashed everyone!!!!!!
with this?
no sdly it was with the xm8 fn scar gun but yours is awesome
what about your cheese???????
You are a fxcking genius. I didn't want to say God, because I might offend my religious friend.
it was actually killer safe crackers idea but i changed it so it didn't have the mag pusher hanging out and i think i was the first to post an ible with the curved mag
Nah you weren't the first, but you certainly are the best!
Hey, on your page it says you have no instuructubles..
i know... i took them down<br />
Why??? Iwas going to make them!!!
ill put this one for now if you havent built it already<br />
I've built it, didn't work out, hate the mag system (broken pecies)
oh yah... i made a put together a new way of making the top of the mag so it doesnt use any broken pieces but i never got any pics up <br />
&nbsp;Dang..I took it apart for the&nbsp;WW2&nbsp;Springfield&nbsp;already...
&nbsp;I find it mildly disturbing that people can find knex guns sexy.<br />
hahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.... ok then :(<br />
this looks nothing, not even a little bit like an ak-47<br />

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