Picture of MPR-12
This is the assault rifle that i made.it looks a bit like an AK47 but its my own. It was originally based on killer~safe crackers monster pistol but i changed it over the coarse of a week and it became this beautiful weapon. It also uses a slightly modded version of his curved mag
Here are the Pros and Cons of the gun

Pros: good range for a mag fed gun (25-50ft depending on rubber bands)
very powerful
10 or 12 round magazine

Cons: the bullet spins a bit decreasing its range and accuracy slightly
a little big and heavy (not good for maneuverability in battle)
too sexy to stare at for long periods of time

here is an awesome video made by matsermetsuiker www.instructables.com/id/knex-rifle-6/

Step 1: Body

this might get a bit tricky if you don't look closely.
sirvyvin4 years ago
um i dont own a rare 1500 dollar carpet... is there another thing i could use in its place?
mikstr2 (author)  sirvyvin4 years ago
a potato chip will actually take its place quite nicely, so you can always try that.
okay ill go buy one then thanks :P
i made it, modded the crap out of it, and its super awesome
mikstr2 (author)  Senior Waffleman4 years ago
sweet :D can you send a picture?
Here you go, sorry about the wait =)
I like everything about that, except the trigger.
me too
Yes. (1600th comment FTW.)
All i did was reinforce the crap out of it
mikstr2 (author)  Senior Waffleman4 years ago
love the extended barrel on this... i never have enough pieces left over for that
I have lots :3
Soon, im kinda busy, i do have the pics though, i just need a micro sd card >.< mine got scratched D:
bosj4 years ago
how many green rods does it use??
slimshaddy bosj4 years ago
it uses around 250
mikstr2 (author)  bosj4 years ago
uhh.... alot? im guessing at least a hundred or more
slimshaddy4 years ago
piece count anybody please before i take apart my awesome Tr18?
I made a super sick sniper scope, wanna see?
yeh plz
maxoomen5 years ago
mikstr2 (author)  maxoomen5 years ago
did you make it or is it just damn sexy?
joeyay5 years ago
nice, i built it, modded the mag and stock and pullback. great gun! your best!
mikstr2 (author)  joeyay5 years ago
thanks, i do think this gun did turn out really well
joeyay5 years ago
would it be possible to make the striker mag for this?
mikstr2 (author)  joeyay5 years ago
yep... same size... do it... its better for pieces since you dont have to cut any
Torpe5 years ago
Should I build this or the Striker?
mikstr2 (author)  Torpe5 years ago
i would say build this.... its more reliable......
Torpe mikstr25 years ago
How many green rods does it use? estimate?
mikstr2 (author)  Torpe5 years ago
alot.... 200... more or less.........
Torpe mikstr25 years ago
Thanks, I have about 350, I can build!!!!!!
DJ Radio5 years ago
Why is this in page 1 of the recents?
Torpe DJ Radio5 years ago
Maybe he updated it?
dansdoc5 years ago
hay i had a late night knex battle i thrashed everyone!!!!!!
mikstr2 (author)  dansdoc5 years ago
with this?
dansdoc mikstr25 years ago
no sdly it was with the xm8 fn scar gun but yours is awesome
~Aeronous~5 years ago
mikstr2 (author)  ~Aeronous~5 years ago
what about your cheese???????
You are a fxcking genius. I didn't want to say God, because I might offend my religious friend.
mikstr2 (author)  ~Aeronous~5 years ago
it was actually killer safe crackers idea but i changed it so it didn't have the mag pusher hanging out and i think i was the first to post an ible with the curved mag
Nah you weren't the first, but you certainly are the best!
Dr.Squirrel5 years ago
Hey, on your page it says you have no instuructubles..
mikstr2 (author)  Dr.Squirrel5 years ago
i know... i took them down
Why??? Iwas going to make them!!!
mikstr2 (author)  Dr.Squirrel5 years ago
ill put this one for now if you havent built it already
I've built it, didn't work out, hate the mag system (broken pecies)
mikstr2 (author)  Dr.Squirrel5 years ago
oh yah... i made a put together a new way of making the top of the mag so it doesnt use any broken pieces but i never got any pics up
 Dang..I took it apart for the WW2 Springfield already...
 I find it mildly disturbing that people can find knex guns sexy.
mikstr2 (author)  insanecreator925 years ago
hahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.... ok then :(
bigdylan915 years ago
this looks nothing, not even a little bit like an ak-47
Still, it's an incredible gun.
SonicX 225 years ago
 i built this then remodeled it to look like a Halo Battle Rifle

the reason why i did it to your gun because it has the best firing mech and Mag Chamber (best gun ever)
Dr.Squirrel5 years ago
what are the bullets?
mikstr2 (author)  Dr.Squirrel5 years ago
orange connector, green rod, grey connector put together
Dr.Squirrel5 years ago
Scope attachement?
mikstr2 (author)  Dr.Squirrel5 years ago
put the white rods on the bottom of the scope in the holes of the yellow connectors on the top... you need to either bend it open enough to put in in or break them off on one side... (that paragraph seemed a little... sexual)
Dr.Squirrel5 years ago
How does the mag stay in?
mikstr2 (author)  Dr.Squirrel5 years ago
friction... very simple... the more tape you have on the harder it will be to put in and take out the mag
Dr.Squirrel5 years ago
Two ram's?
mikstr2 (author)  Dr.Squirrel5 years ago
no just one... i had one taken apart so you could see it better
Dr.Squirrel5 years ago
Where did get that tubing?
mikstr2 (author)  Dr.Squirrel5 years ago
Dr.Squirrel5 years ago
Suscribed just for this one.
mikstr2 (author)  Dr.Squirrel5 years ago
Dr.Squirrel5 years ago


mikstr2 (author)  Dr.Squirrel5 years ago
Dr.Squirrel5 years ago
Holy crap!! I am so making this!!
It looks really good man. Just to let you know the curved mag is the same one I used in the KSCAR.
mikstr2 (author)  Killer~SafeCracker5 years ago
i know and i used your idea and gave you credit for it but didn't i modify it or is it the very same?
Oh, it's no problem man. You did modify it. It's fine :-)
mikstr2 (author)  Killer~SafeCracker5 years ago
this might be my only magazine gun because im more into high range high power stuff because its more fun. but i am planning on making a few more instructables
Ya, I like high ranges. But I also like innovation. lol
High ranges are great, as long as their reliable not innovatove for me
=)+=( = =()
mikstr2 (author)  mikstr25 years ago
errrrr wrong.
SonicX 225 years ago
 also i died in combat due to staring at my gun XD
mikstr2 (author)  SonicX 225 years ago
what does XD mean? i have never been told...
 idk, XD

... ok really i got no idea, i just do it

PS: idk means I dont know (just in case if you didnt know)
mikstr2 (author)  SonicX 225 years ago
well i knew what idk means but i chacha'd what it ment and its an emocation just like :) and stuff... XD... look at it sideways

chacha rocks! its 242 242 on your cell phone and all you have to do is text it something and it'll answer for free!.... just do it... but dont ask too difficult or random of questions... AND DONT I MEAN DO NOT ASK WHAT THE DIGITS OF PI IS OR ELSE YOULL NEED A NEW PHONE... XD
SonicX 225 years ago
im building it since you need to have removable mags (removable mags = faster reloading)
mikstr2 (author)  SonicX 225 years ago
my newest one has removable mags but that mode isnt as reliable as this
 i made this and it shoots farther than any gun i've made!
The Jamalam5 years ago
Are you missing a white rod on the first panel?
mikstr2 (author)  The Jamalam5 years ago
apparently yes... hmm i don't know how that happened
kickbottom5 years ago
yo this gun is ok!!!!!!!
 sorry for the bad quality
mikstr2 (author)  matsermetsuiker5 years ago
holy crap it is...... u r AWESOME. and tomorrows my birthday too!!!! thanks ill try to put it up on the ible
okay, and happy birthday!!

mikstr2 (author)  matsermetsuiker5 years ago
is that a video of my gun? i cant see it, is there anywhere else i can see it????
 yes its yours
 i am gonna make it right now!

mikstr2 (author)  matsermetsuiker5 years ago
dont kill yourself with it!
 this gun looks great. ill probably build pretty soon
KnexFreek5 years ago
 Very nice! ^and 4 stars btw!
Lowney5 years ago
Very nice!
ahahahaha, f*ck the scope, its a piece of sh*t lol
mikstr2 (author)  snipercrazed5 years ago
i only wrote that because it is completely useless and it doesn't even look good
damn this consumes alot of the tiny little green rods
mikstr2 (author)  Senior Waffleman5 years ago
damn, you consume alot of the tiny little cells... lol
wtf... lol
especially the mag (straight)
but i have way more than enough orange connectors
mikstr2 (author)  Senior Waffleman5 years ago
i have like 100,000,000 green connectors but this used every last one of my orange connectors (including the magazine)
gimme rods, u get connectors O-o
mikstr2 (author)  Senior Waffleman5 years ago
do you live in the usa?
mikstr2 (author)  Senior Waffleman5 years ago
i dont really think im going to actually do the trade though
so sad, i have like almost 200 connectors though. lawl
smilee5 years ago
Hmm... I will probably build
mikstr2 (author)  smilee5 years ago
smilee mikstr25 years ago
Okay I built it and is amazing! went 47 feet 7in exactly!
mikstr2 (author)  smilee5 years ago
sweet! are you serious? should i change the range?
smilee mikstr25 years ago
Adding a rubberband it went 53 feet and 6 in.
mikstr2 (author)  smilee5 years ago
its hard to pull it back though isnt it?
very nice, might build this weekand
smilee mikstr25 years ago
Not at all.
mikstr2 (author)  smilee5 years ago
wow. i could only get 45 with my surgical tubing, what are you using?
smilee mikstr25 years ago

4 Random rubberbands

smilee mikstr25 years ago
lol okay! BTW: I think a subsribtion is in order lol
hmm looks like a z35 and KSCAR had a child

mikstr2 (author)  Fred the Penguin5 years ago
ya but the baby had a new stock that neither of the parents had.
mikstr2 (author)  Fred the Penguin5 years ago
Raikou-san5 years ago
 Very nice. I'll build if I can find enough pieces. Just by looking at the instructable I can see several mods I'd like to make after/when I build it. 

All in all, it looks awesome. 5 stars.
mikstr2 (author)  Raikou-san5 years ago
like what?
 Step 1, Picture 8: Change the green connectors to yellow connectors and connect them with green rods. 

Step 2: I have plans for the handle, I'll show you pics soon.

Step 3: Maybe fill in the stock a bit.

And that's really about it. Though, I'm certain after I actually build it I'll think of a lot more. 

Oh, and by the way, nice bipod. I like how it actually holds up the gun.
mikstr2 (author)  Raikou-san5 years ago
thanks, did you already build the gun? BTW i did some of those things to save pieces and not everyone will have enough yellow connectors to do that
 No I haven't build it yet. I will sometime this week, though. I understand not everyone has the pieces, but it's more of an "if you have the pieces for it, do it this way", you know?
Mr. Muggle5 years ago
Indeed SEXY lol, nice mag. I think I'll build it after my ball machine.
mikstr2 (author)  Mr. Muggle5 years ago
thanks but give credit to killer~safecracker for the idea
Mr. Muggle5 years ago
SEXY lol
~KGB~5 years ago
looks great!
DJ Radio5 years ago
I like it.  Looks great.  4*