MRE Bombs





Introduction: MRE Bombs

The watter mixed with the MRE Heating Pack makes gasses, the gasses expand the bottle to the point of breakage, so when the bottle "Decompresses" it sounds like an explosion simple since here... But loads of fun!

Please excuse the Number of steps, its easier then you think.

Warning - Use at own risk! The gasses from the MRE Heating Pack is very flammable, so I strongly suggest keeping it away from a open flame..

Also, Check with you town law to see if it is legal!

Step 1: Things You Need

You will need --

1-2 MRE Heating packs (use more or less for size of bottle i suggest one or two for a 18-24oz. bottle)

Plastic Bottle with screw on Lid

An some water.. (OH NO NOT WATTER!)

Step 2: First

First off, you open your MRE Heating Pack, and take out the actual heating package.. Make sure you can get outside fast, the last thing you want is for it to go off inside. But no worries, it doesn't become active until it comes in contact with a liquid.

Step 3: Secent

You can do this step many different ways, experiment and find the easiest to you, this is the method i use..

You rip the Heating stuff into long thin strips. an well you put it in the bottle.. (MY GOWD... ITS SO HARD!)

Step 4: Step 3!

Well... here is the hardest part of all... (haha doesn't get much harder then that last step eh?) But this will take the longest time to master... You add just enough water to cover about half of the MRE stuff... you can adjust to how much you use an what not it takes time to figure out how much u really need... but as soon as u add the water you put the cap on and make sure its nice and tight. then you take the bottle outside an shake well... once it starts to get hard you place it where u want and stand back and watch

Step 5: Just Stand Back an Wait..

Well... this is easy.. just watch.. i would suggest standing about 10 or more feet away.. The time for the decompression differs between bottles an how much u use and what not.

Unfortunately i didn't get pictures of when it was "Decompressing" because i was to occupied RECORDING IT!! Yes you get to see how cool it is before u go out an do it yourself! I cant figure out how to add the video here.. so.. here is a Hyper link to it on

But here are a few pictures of the bottle afterwords

Now, Here is how to make it explosive... Remember how I said keep the fumes away from fire.. Well.. find a way to have it blow up by the fire an BOOM... Well, there ya go.. (Once again i am not responsible for anything you do with this)

Results my very..



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    this is cool man :)


    It all depends on the pressure, When plastic reaches a certain temperature it will start to either Melt or Shrink. If the Compression on the inside is great enough then it will "Explode" and if that happened the highly flammable gases on the inside will light on fire there for creating more of an actual explosion. I don't know what gases the heating pack puts off all I know is it is highly flammable.

    No, If I had any heating Packs left I would just check the package, Try Googling "MRE Heating Pack" and see what you get. Never Played/Watched Death Note, I Randomly came up with Ryuk, and Antonio is my Name so *Shrug*

    You do know that you can get the SAME effect 1: cheaper & 2: faster with dry ice and water in a soda bottle. Then yor aren't wasting a nice MRE :D Cool idea though

    2 replies

    Well, unfortunately people under the age of 18, if im not mistaken, cannot buy dry ice. Therefor we have to have a replacement. And it helps that i have 2 boxes worth of nothing but the heating back we jacked from some old junk yard buy sheer luck!

    thats why you take your c02 tank (from paintball) put a bag over top and hold in the button. instant dry ice :D

    this was great, me and a friend taped the whole thing and might add it later. the bottle was at least 3 times bigger than before, only letdown- we had to shoot it with my bb gun for it to explode. wrong water-to-heating pack ratio. thanks!!!

    fun tip: take the tobasco sauce and put it in an opened heating pouch from a MRE. Instant pepper bomb!

    1 reply

    It might be interesting to note that the MRE heaters release (a small amount) of hydrogen gas when they become active. If you were to substitute water for gasoline and an ignition source it might make a nice incendiary device.

    1 reply

    Absolutely not. The reason MRE heaters work is because of a chemical reaction between the solid (food grade iron, magnesium, and salt), and water. Just because the product is a liquid does not mean it will have the same properties, and thus, effects. Also, if try to put gasoline into a plastic soda bottle, the gasoline will melt right through the plastic. Adding salt might give you better results, as suggested before, but not anything like gasoline.

    If you were to create and outer casing for this, and filled it with rocks, nails, or such, would it pretty much end up as a frag grenade?

    1 reply

    I don't think so. I have put rocks, and other various items on the inside with no luck. I Highly doubt doing that would help. However, If you could some how have a bottle inside a bottle, And got them going. It might turn out better then you think.

    I suggest adding salt to the water... it acts as a catalyst and gets more reliable results. The old-school breakfast tray MREs used to come with saline packets instead of normal water to activate them.