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Introduction: MS-DOS Batch Fun

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Hello everyone! We are going to see the secrets and workings of MS-DOS!

Step 1: Commands, Commands, Commands.

Here is a GREAT link for commands

Step 2: BATCH FILES! Yay!

"But... what if I want to run a LOT of commands repeatly without getting tired?" You say. Well... that`s were BATCH files come in. Let`s do a run-down of batch files, I don`t mind if you build off them, if, IF you give me credit for the original batch.

Step 3: Crazy Cmd

Number #1: CrAzY cmd

@echo off
title Cmd.exe
color 0F
set /p UI=c:/.
GOTO top

save as Cmd.bat
if you`re not using Wine replace c:/. with c:/>
For some thing crazy to happen type >>CMD.BAT || or >CMD.BAT ||

Step 4: MyCMD

number #2 : MyCMD

:start ::this is optional onless you know you will want to reset with goto start.
@echo off
color 0a
title MyCMD
echo Welcome.
set /p command= ::Your prompt here.
goto Top

Step 5: Crazy Nethack

#3: Annoying NetHack
You ever heard of the console(CMD, BASH, SH, etc.) game NetHack?
This batch can(And will.) annoy any Windows newbie swapping from Linux.
Note:Place in System32 or it won`t work.

@echo off
title Error
echo Your operating system is not supported
echo Version:
GOTO top

Save as nethack.bat

Step 6: Some Hacks I Found Out.

How to get back to the directory that the batch file is in no matter where it is!:

CD %~dp0

How to loop for a preset amount of times:

set /a loopvar=10
:: ^How many times to loop.
::Replace ECHO %loopvar% with your commands
echo %loopvar%
if %loopvar% EQU 1 (
goto endloop
) ELSE (
goto loop)

Step 7: Done, Already??

Yep, we are done.



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    My edit to the Crazy Nethack:

    @echo off
    title Error
    color 0A
    set /a UI=c:/.
    echo FATAL ERROR:
    echo Your operating system is not supported
    echo Version:
    echo Error Code:
    ping -n 1 -w 1000 > nul
    goto top

    This makes a small amount of time for the user to see their version without any user input, AND generates a random error code.

    Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. Is THIS  a VIRUS?!?!?!?!??!?!!!
     |  |  |  |  

    1 reply

    If it was, would be be running it?

    I have one question, you know about modifiers (%~dp0) yet you don't know how to use the FOR /L command? (unless someone told you about that modifier specifically and you don't know about them, which is fine).

    In your last "fake virus", why not use the FOR /L command?

    very interesting the user only has to close the batch window to stop it but here's my version: @echo off cls title Error :top echo FATAL ERROR: echo Your operating system is not supported echo Version: ver pause GOTO top The pause is so the user can see their Windows version before it loops again.

    1 reply

    Why do you put them all in the same lines? It makes it very irritating to decipher.

    He's laughing at, not with you!