Hello everyone! We are going to see the secrets and workings of MS-DOS!

Step 1: Commands, Commands, Commands.

Here is a GREAT link for commands

Step 2: BATCH FILES! Yay!

"But... what if I want to run a LOT of commands repeatly without getting tired?" You say. Well... that`s were BATCH files come in. Let`s do a run-down of batch files, I don`t mind if you build off them, if, IF you give me credit for the original batch.

Step 3: Crazy Cmd

Number #1: CrAzY cmd

@echo off
title Cmd.exe
color 0F
set /p UI=c:/.
GOTO top

save as Cmd.bat
if you`re not using Wine replace c:/. with c:/>
For some thing crazy to happen type >>CMD.BAT || or >CMD.BAT ||

Step 4: MyCMD

number #2 : MyCMD

:start ::this is optional onless you know you will want to reset with goto start.
@echo off
color 0a
title MyCMD
echo Welcome.
set /p command= ::Your prompt here.
goto Top

Step 5: Crazy Nethack

#3: Annoying NetHack
You ever heard of the console(CMD, BASH, SH, etc.) game NetHack?
This batch can(And will.) annoy any Windows newbie swapping from Linux.
Note:Place in System32 or it won`t work.

@echo off
title Error
echo Your operating system is not supported
echo Version:
GOTO top

Save as nethack.bat

Step 6: Some Hacks I Found Out.

How to get back to the directory that the batch file is in no matter where it is!:

CD %~dp0

How to loop for a preset amount of times:

set /a loopvar=10
:: ^How many times to loop.
::Replace ECHO %loopvar% with your commands
echo %loopvar%
if %loopvar% EQU 1 (
goto endloop
) ELSE (
goto loop)

Step 7: Done, Already??

Yep, we are done.
<p>My edit to the Crazy Nethack:</p><p>@echo off<br>cls<br>title Error<br>color 0A<br>set /a UI=c:/.<br>:top<br>echo.<br>echo FATAL ERROR:<br>echo Your operating system is not supported<br>echo Version:<br>ver<br>echo Error Code:<br>echo %RANDOM%%RANDOM%%RANDOM%%RANDOM%%RANDOM%%RANDOM%%RANDOM%%RANDOM%%RANDOM%%RANDOM%<br>ping -n 1 -w 1000 &gt; nul<br>goto top</p><p>This makes a small amount of time for the user to see their version without any user input, AND generates a random error code.</p>
Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. Is <strong><em>THIS</em></strong> &nbsp;a&nbsp;<em><strong>VIRUS?!?!?!?!??!?!!!<br> &nbsp;| &nbsp;| &nbsp;| &nbsp;| &nbsp;</strong></em> <em><strong>|&nbsp;</strong></em> <em><strong>|&nbsp;</strong></em> <em><strong>|&nbsp;</strong></em> <em><strong>|&nbsp;</strong></em> <em><strong>|&nbsp;</strong></em> <em><strong>|&nbsp;</strong></em> <em><strong>|&nbsp;</strong></em> <em><strong>|&nbsp;</strong></em> <em><strong>|&nbsp;</strong></em> <em><strong>|&nbsp;</strong></em> <em><strong>|&nbsp;</strong></em> <em><strong>|&nbsp;</strong></em> <em><strong>|&nbsp;</strong></em> <em><strong>|&nbsp;</strong></em> <em><strong>|&nbsp;</strong></em> <em><strong>|&nbsp;</strong></em> <em><strong>|&nbsp;</strong></em> <em><strong>|&nbsp;</strong></em> <em><strong>|&nbsp;</strong></em> <em><strong>|</strong></em><em><strong> &nbsp;| &nbsp;| &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; </strong></em>VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV<br>
If it was, would be be running it?
I have one question, you know about modifiers (%~dp0) yet you don't know how to use the FOR /L command? (unless someone told you about that modifier specifically and you don't know about them, which is fine). <br> <br>In your last &quot;fake virus&quot;, why not use the FOR /L command?
very interesting the user only has to close the batch window to stop it but here's my version: @echo off cls title Error :top echo FATAL ERROR: echo Your operating system is not supported echo Version: ver pause GOTO top The pause is so the user can see their Windows version before it loops again.
Why do you put them all in the same lines? It makes it very irritating to decipher.
they alway make me laugh :D
He's laughing <em>at</em>, not <em><strong>with</strong></em> you!<br/>

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