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This is my Ms021 instructable. Build it if you want. Ammo blue rod. Range - Depends on rubber bands. *I'm not responsible for any thing you do with this gun, if you are being stupid and decide to shoot at someone's eye, that's your fault, not mine.*

Step 1: Handle.

The Handle!

Built 4 of the first picture.

After the 3 pic add the remaining 2 Pieces you built at pic 1

Step 2: Butt and the Stock/ Slide and Trigger!


1-5 Butt

6 Slide

7-10 Support/ Stock

11 Trigger
Rest is putting together the knex

Step 3: Forgrip.


Step 4: Barrel

Build 1-3 barrel

Last is connecting the For grip to it.

Step 5: The Top of the Gun.

Build Last pictures after 12 is connecting it to barrel and forgrip.

Step 6: Chamber


Pic 1 Use it if your haveing trouble building.

2-6 Chamber

Rest is the mag entrance and some other crap.

Step 7: Connecting


Step 8: Mag


Step 9: Rubber Bands, and Putting the Mag In.




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    38 Discussions

    How many pieces does this take? I plan on buying a 1000-piece set one of these days and getting back into rifle building.

    how are the two purple or grey connectors positioned under the tape? And what do you mean by "don't cover the holes"?

    2 replies

    They're positioned straight down. you don't cover the holes in them so the pin guide can go through.

    i know, but you can shoot at my eyes because i wear glasses. just dont put too many rubberbands lol....

    Glasses? as in Seeing glasses? or Protection? Cause i wear seeing glasses and if someone shot at my eye it would shatter them because of the shear force. I maxed it out.

    I have a thick enough prescription that it wouldn't break if you fired the heavy cannon at it. Sure, it would be ejected from the frame, which would then snap, but the lens would be just fine.

    how old r they now a days they are designed to be shatter proof with the lunatics thes days and coated with anti shatter coating