Introduction: MSAR-1

This is my MSAR-1 (Masterdude Shotgun/Assault Rifle model 1). It is similar in design in many ways to my MAR-4, however it has many new things which make it different from it. It functions as both a shotgun and a rifle, depending on the ammo you load it which depends on the mag you use.

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  • Assault rifle
  • Shotgun as well (without modding the gun, you only need a separate mag)
  • Removable mag
  • True trigger
  • Iron sight
  • Can store another mag in the back
  • Breech loading hatch
  • Cocking handle not joined to firing pin
  • Cheek rest
  • Adjustble dot scope with cover
  • Vertical grip
  • Accepts MBAR-2 Gear (bipod may need some changing but can be attached)
  • Lots of pieces
  • Not semi-auto
  • Range for rifle ammo not too impressive

Image 1: Gear attached and both mags attached (rifle mag is loaded)
Image 2: No gear.
Image 3: No gear. View of other side.

Step 1: Mainbody: Components 1

Make the following:

Image 1: Make 1(Part A)
Image 2: Make 1(Part B)
Image 3: Make 3(Part C)
Image 4: Make 3(Part D)
Image 5: Make 1(Part E)
Image 6: Make 1(Part F)
Image 7: Make 1(Part G)
Image 8: Make 1(Part H)
Image 9: Make 1(Part I)
Image 10: Make 1(Part J)
Image 11: Make 1(Part K)
Image 12: Make 1(Part L)
Image 13: Make 1(Part M)

Step 2: Mainbody: Construction 1

Follow the images:

Image 1: Add blue rods to Part A.
Image 2: Add Parts B, C, & D, gray connectors, white rods, and a silver spacer.
Image 3: Add Parts C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, & K, and gray connectors.
Image 4: Add Parts C, D, & L, and gray connectors.
Image 5: Add Part M, and green/black rods.
Image 6: Add Y-clips and small gear.
Image 7: On the other side add small gear and gray connectors.

Step 3: Mainbody: Components 2

Image 1: Make this.
Image 2: Add on to it to make this. (Part A)
Image 3: Make this.
Image 4: And this.
Image 5: Put them together like this. (Part B)
Image 6: Make this.
Image 7: And this.
Image 8: Put them together like this. (Part C)
Image 9: And now make this. (Part D)

Step 4: Mainbody: Construction 2

Image 1: Insert Part A as shown.
Image 2: Attach Part D.
Image 3: Add Part B onto the black rod, and attach Part C onto the end of it.
Image 4: Turn the gray connector down.

Step 5: Rifle Magazine

Images 1-2: Make 2 of each of these.
Image 3: Make 1.
Image 4: Add white rods to the first part.
Image 5: Add the other parts as shown
Image 6: Cover with the last part.
Image 7: Make one of these for each mag you make. (Pin)

Step 6: Shotgun Magazine

Image 1: Make 4.
Images 2-4: Make 2 of each.
Image 5: Make 1.
Image 6: Add white rods as shown.
Image 7: Add/Attach the other parts as shown.
Image 8: Cover with the left over parts.
Image 9: Make one of these for each mag. (Pin)

Step 7: Sight

Image 1: Make 1. (Part A)
Image 2: Make 3. (Part B)
Image 3: Make 2. (Part C)
Image 4: Make 1. (Part D)
Image 5: Make 1. (Part E)
Image 6: Add blue rods to Part A.
Image 7: Add Part B, silver spacer and light gray connector.
Image 8: Add Parts B & D, and metallic blue clip.
Image 9: Add Parts B & C, a silver spacer, and light gray connector.
Image 10: Cover with Part E.
Image 11: On the other side, add gray connectors.
Image 12: Add tan clip.
Image 13: Add small gear.

Step 8: Front Grip

Images 1-2: Make 2 of the first and 1 of the second.
Image 3: Add blue and white rods.
Images 4-5: Add the other parts as shown.

Step 9: Cheek Rest

Just make it. One picture and no explanation should suffice.

Step 10: Attaching Extra Gear

Image 1: Attaching the front grip.
Image 2: Attaching the sight.
Image 3: Attaching the cheek rest.

You can get more gear from the MBAR-2 Gear.

Step 11: Use & Operation 1

First attach the rubberbands as shown in images 1-3. Then load the magazines, the rifle magazine (image 5) with the ammo (image 4), and the shotgun magazine (image 7) with shotgun ammo (Image 6). Then insert the magazine (like in images 8 or 10), and take out the magazine pin ,and then pull back the cocking handle to cock the gun as image 9. Then pull the trigger to fire. Pull the cocking handle back and repeat as needed. To manually, single, hand load the rifle, pull up the ammo hatch on the side as in image 11, insert the ammo, and then close the hatch.

Warning- This may cause harm or injury if misused. Do not point it at people. I am not responsible for damage, injury, or death caused by this instructable. Always treated it as if loaded.

Step 12: Use & Operation 2

Iron sight:

Image 1: Sight is down.
Image 2: Turn the knob up to extend the iron sight.
Image 3: FPS view using the iron sight.

Adjustable dot scope/sight:

Image 4: Raise the covers on the ends of the scope.
Image 5: FPS view.



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    Looks quite nice =D


    Is there a piece count?

    Could you be more specific, as in what do you mean by "f t e"? Are you saying "first time ever" by that?

    Read both parts of the "Power" section.

    If you are telling me that the pin is too large and that no barrel would be better, yeah, I kind of know but I was trying to make a kind of compromise between power and other stuff. Without barrel it would be difficult to have a spot to attach extra gear and I wanted a side cocking handle which would be detached from the pin itself. While both negatively impacted the gun, I deemed the sacrifice of some power worthwhile.

    You could make the middle section of the gun longer, and still keep the barrel exactly the way it is.

    The part on the pin that makes it too big has nothing to do with the priming handle. You could just as easily just a ball socket.

    Thank you for disconnecting the charging handle from the firing pin!