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Hi, today I am going to show you how to put MSN on your psp.

Step 1: Download

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First download Pro Messenger from this website

Step 2: Extraction

Then extract the folder Pro-Messenger with either 7zip or Winrar. After that atach your PSP to your PC using a USB cable. Drag Pro-Messenger to PSP/COMMON.

Step 3: MSN

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Now disconnect your PSP and got to your internet browser (on the PSP, not the PC) In te URL bar type in file:/psp/common/pro-messenger/index.htm. Now you have MSN Live Messenger. Enjoy!

I'm sorry if it doesn't work and if it doesn't you could use Ebuddy like Arzon said

P:S I missed out the l in html on purpose, it is just htm.


emoixhgal (author)2013-04-22

omgggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!itx working...........!!!!!!!!! if it don't works.......jst type in the address bar file:/PSP/COMMON/12940_ProMessenger_zip/Pro-Messenger/index.htm

dcoelho (author)2011-04-16

nothing works im going to try the new way.

MostWanted3 (author)2010-11-23

lool =) come on my site You can find some cheats for CS 1.6 and CSS on this site.

d1ndian (author)2010-07-10

lol hahahah This message is for everyone who wants all messenger in one. 1) simply go to ur internet browser and type this in the address bar. 2) U'll see ebuddy homepage for mobiles/cell phones. 3) Simply choose what messenger u wanna login to. Note- u don't need to download anything, don't need a CFW, works on every single PSP as long as u got internet access. U can log in to- MSN ,Yahoo ,AOL ,FACEBOOK ,ICQ ,Google Talk (nice for Orkut User too, since the chat system in Orkut is actually Google Talk) ,Myspace and Hyves. Have fun.

d1ndian (author)d1ndian2010-07-10


aziz-ms (author)2010-06-03

Where can I download

xie1113 (author)aziz-ms2010-06-03

 I gave you a hyperlink, it's the word website

aziz-ms (author)2010-06-03

Where can I download

bucky21 (author)2010-04-14

do i have 2 click psp pro messenger v1.3 *****recommended****** cuz dats d first site dat comes up ............

bucky21 (author)2010-04-14

can any1 help me..........i did everything then wen i log in on file;/psp/common/pro-messenger/index.htm , more sire's on google coming up n nt the messenger for psp.pls help am stranded...........

samanen (author)2009-06-30

My PSP says : The content cannot be displayed. O Back

chibiwind (author)samanen2010-03-25

i had the same problem but solved it, my problem was i didn't put the parts that are capital in caps, eg. COMMON and Pro-Messenger

TroyFellows (author)samanen2009-12-26

when it says "Content cannot be displayed" u need to put in the adress bar....


hope this helps

philip_hollywood (author)samanen2009-10-05

same here

samanen (author)samanen2009-06-30

Oops, i typed html, and it's htm. Sorry :-D

Gr3at_Whit3_North_Guy (author)2010-02-22

Neat i will use but i can't seem to find the download button on the page
where is it

n0ukf (author)2010-01-06

What about other IMs on the PSP, like ICQ, AIM and YIM?

TroyFellows (author)2009-12-26

when it says "Content cannot be displayed" u need to put in the adress bar....


hope this helps

allenmt (author)2009-12-20

 you have to change the settings of ur web browser

philip_hollywood (author)2009-10-05

It dosent work it says can not be showed

Kiyomitsu (author)2009-08-01

i typed it in and made sure that it was right...:/ it said Content Cant Be Displayed

musicar (author)2009-06-28

my last comment was a mistake. u have to open winwar and drag the file named pro messenger to ur psp

musicar (author)2009-06-28

xazos, i checked it out and u have to save to bookmarks

Justin742 (author)2009-06-14

Thank You sooo much! This is AWESOME!!!! I marked it as a favorite! Thank You!

Metallurgy (author)2009-06-06

A simple soulution to this is to go to They have a mobile-friendly interface, usable with the PSP, phones, and other such devices. Also, if you get a ebuddy account, you can log into as many different things as you want. Yahoo, MSN gogle chat, all at once!

finalfaw (author)2009-04-29

erm i put this on my psp an it wont let me log into my own msn

cdizzle (author)finalfaw2009-05-29

same thing happened to me it wont let me log in to mine

xazos (author)2009-05-10

I did everything instructions said, but it says me "the content cannot be displayed". what's wrong?

phonehome123 (author)xazos2009-05-23

i got the same thing...

SadieX (author)2009-03-02

would this work for yahoo, aim, etc?

xie1113 (author)SadieX2009-03-05

Could you please be more specific

foxtrot4697 (author)xie11132009-04-21

he means would it work for other instant messengers, like yahoo instant messenger and stuff like that

janith456 (author)2009-04-13

thanx for add abt messenger

mastermakoko (author)2009-03-12

yo what doyou mean by COMMON???? the PSP memory stick root???

xie1113 (author)mastermakoko2009-03-13

once you open the memory stick there is a PSP folder. click on that and if there is not a folder called COMMON then make a folder and name it COMMON, remember it has to be in capitals.

mastermakoko (author)2009-03-11

yo man mine says;content cannot be opened any sugestion??

xie1113 (author)mastermakoko2009-03-13

you may have put the folder in the wrong place or typed the adress wrong, remember it's htm not html

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