Step 5: Firing Pin and Trigger

Can you make the mags larger?
yes. you could give it a 5000 shot mag if you had enough pieces, though the under-barrel mags have a conventional limit of one grey rod's length due to the mag pusher.
Not necceccerily. You could make a mag pusher out of white rods, yellow connecters and green rods.<br />
Imagine the rubber bands necessary
Please don't necro reply chains.
bit that'd be flimsy and break if you made it long enough to reach all the way to the top-trust me, unless you make it VERY strong, it wont last.<br />
you dont have to use knex, 2x4s with a notch would work
It's interesting and alien looking but I wouldn't build it. 3.5 stars.
How is it alien looking?
Here are some alien guns. See the resblance?
Ummmm.... no. Here is a pic of this gun blacked out. Doesn't look alien to me.
It's more about the surface texture.
See?, texture makes a big difference. Lol.
how the hell did you do that?
It's easy, I used microsoft paint. Oh wait, were you refering to the alien gun or the smiley face in my last comment?
the smiley face.
Alt codes. ☺☻♥ ♦ ♣ ♠ • ◘ ○ § ╝
what kind of alt codes? æ╒╧±╖ƒ
Well it's pretty hard to make a knex gun flat.
-_- Well duh, but that's not what I meant, it's not important anyway.
Hey that's actually a good idea, I should try making one. <sup></sup><br/>
The one on the left isn't a gun!! It is my varb'l cake icier!<br/><br/> <sub>Oops</sub><br/><br/><sub>Please Mr FBI man, don't freeze my tentacles!</sub> <br/>
Haha, it does look like a frosting gun.
take me 2 ur leader!
Best gun ever. shots at killer speeds and has probably 100+ range and is almost perfect on aim. 5 Stars.
did you just randomly hit numbers and letters on ur key board to figure out its name lol
MSSP-65v4.3 = Multi Shot Shotgun/Pistol-65cm. version 4.3<br/>
does it jam???
A little.
k i will bulid soon
Can the Black y-hands on the side of the barrel be reploaced if I'm making the gun with the pump?<br/><br/>5* :D<br/>
Yes but I suggest you replace them with spacers.
5 stars :D
I'll end up making this soon. How many broken does it use?
oh, nevermind.
awsomly sickly cool
Sweetest pistol ever! I haven't built the pump style yet because, i like the pistol! :D 5 Stars!
YW! :P
awesome, 4*

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