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I designed this arm gun about a year ago, it has eight barrels that hold up to 10 rubberbands each, I am going to tell you right now that I am not going to post this version in full instructions. I have doubled my knex amount since then and can make many needed improvements. but that will have to wait a month or two.
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 =O....... holy hell.. how big id that thing?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!... ITS FREAKIN HUGE!!
matstermind (author)  Ben_the_Builder5 years ago
if i remember correctly, it weighed 8 pounds, was 20 inches long, and 8 inches in diameter. but that's just my best guess, its not exact. i will be working on version 2 soon, i got distracted from building it before.
 but omg wow thats freakin huge man.. u gotta make  bigger 1..xD
matstermind (author)  Ben_the_Builder5 years ago
i'll have to to make it fit my arm
 .. but still.. u gotta make an even bigger 1..just for laughs.. xD.. but treu.. hmmm.. u can make it like an rpg.. have lie on ur shoulder.. :P... btw,, are there n e knexers that u no that live in australia????

i wanna no where to buy more knex.. i dont have enuff to make alot of the guns on here.. :(
matstermind (author)  Ben_the_Builder5 years ago
check ebay if you want more knex, i don't know anyone in Australia.
 oh.. well than x n e way.. and is it in australian or american dollars?.. cos i wen in ebay last time and all it sed was $50.... and i wasnt sure.. :S
matstermind (author)  Ben_the_Builder5 years ago
http://www.ebay.com.au/ is Australia's ebay, it is in Australian currency. the two best deals appear to be


 thanx man .. and im gessing u get urs that way... but obviously the american ebay.... :P
matstermind (author)  Ben_the_Builder5 years ago
ebay or garage/rummage sales
 .. lulz.. well theres no 1 i no thats havvin  agarage sale.. :P.. so ill stik wit ebay.. :P
arrow shot6 years ago
you said 8 barrels that hold 10 rubber bands... Do you mean 8 barrels that hold 10 ammo each? If so, this is awesome! Like an arm shotgun :p
to me it looks alot like the firestorm cannon from turok 2: seeds of evil
matstermind (author)  heatblast6 years ago
never played it, or seen the gun
i used to play it alot, when i wasn't as grown up as i am now... that was several years ago. but yeah, this thing looks alot like it. if you have an n64 youll know what game im talking about. oh yeah LOL, i hope you realize you're talking to a pyronite :)
matstermind (author)  heatblast6 years ago
i have had every game for the nintendo 64 emulator that i can find for while, and i don't know what your talking about, i hope you realize your talking to a computer geek :)
1. i mentioned the game in my previous comment. 2. if you claim you have every then it should be somewhere in your pile, and 3. a pyronite is living fire of coarse :-p
matstermind (author)  heatblast6 years ago
1. i know, 2. yes i have it, 3. i know
that's good to hear :) i don't think we've been introduced, you new here? i've been here awhile, 2 years to say the least.
matstermind (author)  heatblast6 years ago
i've been here about a year an a half
killerk has been here longer than any of us. sorry for the late reply, ive been busy.
matstermind (author)  heatblast6 years ago
a lot of people have been here longer than a lot of people
i couldn't agree with you more... some have been here forever. others, only a couple of years... yet again another late reply,you probably think it's a habbit... sorry man, it's my sisters computer, so i hardly ever get to use it, only if i'm lucky enough... oh yeah my birthday's coming... i'll be 18 soon, so feel free to celebrate with me. your new friend, heatblast
matstermind (author)  heatblast6 years ago
you did not reply late, I've waited nine months before someone replied to one of my comment questions.
your arm gun looks interesting... though it might need some reinforcement .anyway, i thought i'd give you the heads up man... and wish you good luck with the instructable. :)
matstermind (author)  heatblast6 years ago
thanks, the only reinforcement it needs is on the front of the gun barrels, and where you hold onto it inside the gun
anytime, :)
matstermind (author)  heatblast6 years ago
mastermind says: thanks, the only reinforcement it needs is on the front of the gun barrels, and where you hold onto it inside the gun. sound familiar ?
matstermind (author)  heatblast6 years ago
it's my comment above, what did you mean by "anytime"?
means your welcome. :p
matstermind (author)  heatblast6 years ago
oh, thanks.
no problem.....
matstermind (author)  arrow shot6 years ago
they don't all shoot at the same time. it's more like eight semiauto rubberband guns attached together
knexxpro6 years ago
Im thinking " Hmm ... If I put this on, will I look like MegaMan ? " Lol.
DJ Radio6 years ago
Please post it!!!!!
wat is this? is it a gun?
matstermind (author)  ShadowChaosControl6 years ago
a arm gun
so it is
Oblivitus6 years ago
If you just post instructions for one eigth of it then people will be able to repeat the pattern themselves.
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