MT-20 is a 3D printed robot controlled by an Arduino board and actuated via 5 servos. The video above contains a few animation cycles, the 3D printing process, and the final assembly. This Instructable goes more in depth into the making of this project.

This robot prototype is designed to be hybrid, in the sense that that if you don't have an Arduino and 5 servos, you can still build it by printing the included fake servo five times!

Step 1: SketchUp

I used SketchUp to design all the parts of this robot. The limbs and head are designed around the Micro Servo 9g, which is the most common type/brand of micro servo. You can find a precise model of this servo on the SketchUp Warehouse.

The SketchUp plugin Solid Inspector² is really useful to find common 3D errors in your model that would make the slicing process difficult for printing.

Once the mesh is clear of bugs, I use this STL file Exporter plugin to export STL files to the slicing software.

<p>Great design but I 2 attempts to make it failed. Once with 50% and second time with 100% infill but the servo casings have very thin walls and they tend to break quite easily.</p><p>Will probably try again some day.</p>
I wonder if you were to scale it up could you embed more electronics in the body...
<p>Cool robots</p>
Incredible work! Thanks for sharing all the stls. Im also loving the gifs! Great looking bot!

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