Step 3: Removing the Axle.

Now that you have the dust cap off you can undo the bolts holding the axle in place so you can remove it to get to the bearings, assemble the ratchet with the extender and the 12mm socket and place it inside the pedal where the dust cap was. If you look inside the pedal you should be able to see the bolt you are trying to get at, and using the 15mm spanner on the pedal thread flats, undo the bolt and shake it out of the pedal body, a washer will come out as well, set this aside, then take the 9/16 socket and attach it to the wrench, place it inside the pedal body to unbolt the cone, then CAREFULLY take the cone out of the pedal body without loosing any bearings, and move on to the next step.
I just got a banshee scream and the pedals make a little click sound. Im not worried about it nor do i want to spend $80 to get new pedals but i just wanted to see if you knew anything about it.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HchmcZvgoBY&amp;list=UUrTQ6ERhmiS_tgk0rRKKIDA&amp;index=3&amp;feature=plcp<br><br>Check out this video of mountian biking.
Great instructable. My crank bros pedals are new, but this will come in handy when it's time to rebuild them. Thanks!
I'm doing this with some old odyssey pedals, and i used simple green which worked well.
Great Ible, Idea: Chain Cleaning And Lubricating
Hi, some time ago I have cleaned my old odyssey pedals and I&nbsp;use WD40 oil to clean the bearings and It&acute;s work so good, i put the bearings, cone, and another little metallic stuff into a plastic cup,<span class="short_text" id="result_box"><span style="background-color: rgb(255,255,255);" title="y yo vierto un chorro de aceite"> I pour a trickle of oil (WD40 of course) and I&nbsp;let this do her work, later i put the grease like your way, assembly and ready, I comment the WD40 because the cone and the bearings some times have rust and the cloth don&acute;t remove it.<br /> <br /> (excluse the English, Im from Mex)<br /> </span></span>
wd40 is great for cleaning and removing rust as you say, but it is not a good lubricant for reassembly, make sure you use plenty of grease after wiping parts dry after cleaning. Bedbugg is correct, for sure!
Yeah, WD40 is really good for getting rid of all the old grease and the rust, white spirit works quite good as well, you have just got to make sure that the bearings and cones are completely free of WD40 before you regrease it and put it all back together.<br />
if you can instead if grease use motor oil or 3 in 1 oil and do it about once a month <br /> although you have to do it more often the oedals turn more freely
is this crucial?<br />
Well, if your pedals have play in them, or it is time that they needed a service, then yes.<br />
it turns out my pedals dosent have bearings in them do they all?<br />
They all usually have bearings in, if they don't, then its worth replacing them as they cannot be overhauled.<br />
well its a tapered cone where the point is facing towards yourself and theres around 5 slits init <br />
Are you sure there aren't any bearings in there? take a pic of the pedal and send it to me if you can.<br />
it turns out my diamond back ones have bearings ill take a another look<br />
ok ill take a look on some other diamondback bmx pedals aswell cs i think there the same<br /><br />&nbsp;i might be able to get a picture tommorw <br />

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