Step 3: Removing the axle.

Picture of Removing the axle.
Now that you have the dust cap off you can undo the bolts holding the axle in place so you can remove it to get to the bearings, assemble the ratchet with the extender and the 12mm socket and place it inside the pedal where the dust cap was. If you look inside the pedal you should be able to see the bolt you are trying to get at, and using the 15mm spanner on the pedal thread flats, undo the bolt and shake it out of the pedal body, a washer will come out as well, set this aside, then take the 9/16 socket and attach it to the wrench, place it inside the pedal body to unbolt the cone, then CAREFULLY take the cone out of the pedal body without loosing any bearings, and move on to the next step.