Introduction: MTB Muk Guard

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Print templates

Step 1: Print Tempelates and Use Ice Cram Bucket Lid or Bottom

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Print templates and use ice cream bucket lid or bottom. Cut Hang and Paint to your color scheme. I add stickers too.

Step 2: Enjoy a Wet and Mud Free Face and Goggles.

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I also made an ass saver as well for rear just google pdf mtb mudguards and ass saver pdf.

Enjoy your muk free ride

Step 3: Hit the Trails!!!!!

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Wear a helment, don't be a donut.Hit the trails.....


Devinchi42 (author)2016-10-08

Way to go making your own, but a quick installation note. The way you have your fender mounted will interfere with the suspension fork travel. If you were to mount it to the arch of the lowers on the fork like this, it wouldn't interfere with the suspension action. This is the way the "buy it at the store" versions get installed.

fullclip765 made it! (author)Devinchi422016-10-14

the bottom zip tie is my travel i actuall have never bottomed out the guard ever made that nistake on last muk guard i made but i marked my travel after a ride around town with a few small like curb drops marked my 'SAG"or "TRAVEL" then installed it

MarcoM220 (author)fullclip7652017-03-10


it's not safe add a mud guard as shown in this photo.

Apply the mud guard below the fork

fullclip765 (author)Devinchi422016-10-16

i added notes on comments I set my sag it never bottoms out its got bout an inch from my sag or travel

fullclip765 made it! (author)Devinchi422016-10-14

I'm putting these on in a week or so. I need a new headset and front disc or whole disc wheelset to run the RockShox Reeba SL's.

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