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I like to call this little creation my "mug hugger". It is a mini sized replica of the "face huggers" in the ALIEN movie series & it is constructed completely from common office supplies. It would be perfect for a pass-along office prank, or just to boost some office moral.The best part is you don't even have to leave your cubicle to make it!

You will need:
1 roll of masking tape
4 or 5 butterfly paper clips
1 large eraser 
1 pencil topper eraser
1 metal spiral removed from a note book
1 small suction cup
Optional: markers for details

When I did some mental calculations I estimated these supplies to cost under $2. (I know what I'm making for Christmas gifts this year!)


1. First take 4 of the clips and unfold them. These will become the hugger's legs.
2. Then wrap the clips in masking tape thoroughly. Be sure to build up some knuckles at the bends in the clip.  Repeat this with all 4.
3. Now tape all the wrapped clips together at the center & pose them how you want them. 
4. Take the large eraser and drill out a hole near the center using a pair of scissors. You need the hole to be large enough to fit the end of the suction cup into. (If your eraser is not all ready round on the edges, use a pair of scissors to round them out too)
5. Push the end of the suction cup into the hole on the eraser. (If it doesn't fit snuggly you may want to super glue it in as well)
6. wrap the eraser completely with the tape. Be sure to work around the base of the suction cup too.
7. Now attach the eraser portion behind the legs that you made. Wrap it several times to make sure it is secure.
8. To make the tail, add the topper eraser to the end of the spiral. Then wrap the entire thing in tape & add it to the body.
NOTE: In hind site, I think I should have pushed a straightened clip into the body for the tail to fit over. That would have allowed the tail to be more posable. 
9. Using brown & red markers you can add a little detailing if you wish. 

Now you are ready to leave an unsuspecting co-worker a little surprise! It's the gift that keeps on giving...hugs, that is. 



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o m g ! This is so cool ! great idea!

The coolest part…it's super cheap!

That is really creepy! Especially for masking tape!!!

That thing is creepy cool! I love it on the plant!

oh this is great!

Yikes. I can imagine this as a Halloween costume prop. :S

Yes, it's perfect for Halloween. QUICK, EASY, and SUPER CHEAP!

this is a fantastic instructable! i hope you win the contest!

Thanks for the kind words & the good luck wishes! :D