Introduction: MUMO - Opsoro Robot

A new building mechanism in association with Opsoro.
Create your own funny-looking robot by connecting strips of plastic in different ways.

Step 1: Lasercutting

Picture of Lasercutting

Use a 3 mm black ABS plate to create the grid and the components.
Cut each component 5 times and the grid once.
Four of the five components have a slot to put the plastic strips through. The fifth component is a small foot to make sure the robot can stand upright.

Step 2: The Plastic Strips

Picture of The Plastic Strips

The plastic strips are cut out of a flexible 0.5 mm PP-plate with an X-acto knife. Each strip has a dimension of 4.5 cm x 70 cm. Both ends are provided with holes. One end has 5 rows of 2 holes (each row separated by 4 cm) and the other end has just 2 holes. The distance between 2 holes may vary; however, for purposes of alignment, make sure that the distance is the same at both ends (I used 3 cm). Use a hole punch.

Step 3: Attach Everything to the Grid

Picture of Attach Everything to the Grid

Nuts and bolts are used to connect the laser cut components to the grid. Place the components in such a way that a strip can be slid through them. Develop your own design. Be creative!

At this stage the Opsoro heart and the eyes are also connected to the grid.

(You can make your own Opsoro components with the help of

Step 4: Connect the Strips

Picture of Connect the Strips

Slide the plastic strips through the components on the grid. A strip is closed by the use of split-pins. (These can be painted white for a better visual).

Step 5: Programming

Picture of Programming

Use the software provided by to program your robot as desired.


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