I made this sheath with leather from old work boots.

I sander with sand paper the leather to take of part of the color and clean glue.

Also I used one piece of soft skin (new) for front and to make the leather cord.

That knife is also made by myself with and old saw, is a Big Ass Skinner and has oak handle.

Step 1: Materials

I used it:

-leather from old boots
-soft skin new
-contact cement for leather
-leather paint brown
-small rivets
-a little piece of boa skin (this one is from a dead boa I found few years ago and I process the skin, this was my last piece)
-some ornaments plastic and wooden.
-waxed thread


-hole punch
-crochet needle (to sew)
-Dremel with sander.
-work table

if I miss some tool please sorry...
Congratulations! This is a great use for an old pair of boots. It looks great!
thank you man...
Looks great! I think it's cool that you used old boots!
thank you man...

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